7 Words She Wants To Hear You Say When You’re Having Sex

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There are quite a number of words that gets women angry whether when having sex or not and a good example of this is the phrase “calm down.” You may wonder why such words have a profound negative effect on women but the truth is the brains of women are much wired for communication than that of men. As such, some words will be seen to be more weighty to women than to men.

The effect of this is that if you use the right words, they can have an aphrodisiac effect and could be a good way for you to tap into her desires. Some of those words work for almost every woman because they them feel sexy, desired and wanted. This will likely trigger your woman to an orgasmic state when sex is on the table.

Here are seven words she has in her sexual dictionary that she wants you to use the next time you have sex with her.

The ‘L’ Word
It sounds very cliché to use the ‘L’ Word only in the “I love you” manner. A sure way of igniting her desires and passion is by saying you love a specific part of her body. The word ‘love’ itself is special and holds a lot of intensity which can ignite a lot of positive emotions and passion.


This word is one that will instantly elicit passion and admiration especially when used in reference to her body and her vagina. Using this word in reference to her vagina is quite powerful and will elicit intense emotions since almost every woman out there will love to hear that she has a ‘tight’ vagina. The word is also assuring because it will make her feel good that you’re pleased with her in bed.

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Referring to any part of her body as hot is one thing your partner would love especially if it’s her vagina. The word has the ability to trigger intense feelings because of the fact that she wants to hear that you love and appreciate her body.


Women don’t want a man that will answer to their beck and call (yes men) but they actually become weak in the knees for a man who is sure of what he wants especially in the bedroom. Women want a man that is decisive when in the bedroom and when a man says words like ‘yes’ or ‘certainly’, it shows he’s sure of what he wants. More so, this word also shows that you’re willing to make her happy especially if she lets out a moan and you say ‘yes’. She sees it as a subtle way of permitting her to enjoy more of the pleasure you’re giving.

Her Name
Whatever her name is, she wants to hear you tell or whisper it passionately. Women tend to revel in pleasurable moments and hearing you speak her name during sex is one way of making her feel special. Saying her name in the throes of passion tells her the moment is only about her and not about any other random person. Saying her name is one sure way of her knowing that she’s the one that prompted the pleasure you feel and not some random person out there.

Her wetness is something only you can feel whereas she can see your erection. It’s very intimate for you to tell her that she’s wet which indicates that she’s turned on by you. This can drive her emotions higher even before she’s fully aroused. The human brain sometimes finds it difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is not. Telling her she’s wet or getting wet can trigger her body to respond appropriately.

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This word is most likely the only word that conveys multiple emotions including loss of control, pleasure, desire and orgasm. This perhaps is one reason why it has a lot or erotic potentials and it’s best used when you’ve been able to make her orgasm in the past. This is to avoid making her feel any pressure to perform or if she finds it difficult to orgasm. This word can be employed using reverse psychology. For example you can say “hold yourself off from cuming now, baby”. This will have a more profound effect on her.



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