7 Weird Things That Can Spice up Your Sex Life This Weekend

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There are numerous researches out there on how you can boost your sex life with some making good sense while others are simply preposterous. This however doesn’t mean both the ones that makes sense and the bizarre ones don’t work, as statistics shows they actually have a significant effect and improvement in the sex life of respondents.

As such, we bring to you 7 of the strongest ways you can boost your sex life.

Drinking Red Wine

According to a study published in the journal of Sexual Medicine, ladies who take red wine as opposed to alcoholic beverages of other colours tend to have a higher sex drive. If you’re a white wine fan, you may want to consider switching to red which is a great libido-booster.

Getting A Salary Increase
A study in the International Journal of Manpower surveyed over 6,000 men and women in Greece, asking them about how often they were likely to have sex during the week. In addition, they asked how much they were earning and discovered that those who earned as low as five percent more than other people were significantly having four times more sex every week than others. The fact that you don’t have to worry about how you’d pay your bills most likely gave the high earners more time for other activities including sex.

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Eating Avocados
The avocado pear has a lot of advantages and you’re in luck as it’s that time of the year when it’s widely available. This fruit has an aphrodisiac effect that will not only be sweet to taste but will also greatly improved your sex life.

Smelling certain Scents Instead Perfume Or Cologne
A survey carried out in England found out that men that smelt of work related odours such as paint, printer ink, petrol or leather were more likely to get more women than men that smelt of cologne or perfume. Women on their part were found to be more attractive when they smelled like body lotion, food and lipstick. Weird, isn’t it?

Staring At A Picture Of Your Partner

Sounds simple but it has a tremendous effect on libido. Research shows that staring at a picture of your lover for 30 seconds or more can trigger your brain to produce the hormone dopamine. This hormone is a major libido booster.

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Watch An Uninteresting TV Show
According to a research conducted in Finland, people who have a television in their bedroom tend to have twice as much sex as people who don’t. The research ascribes some of the reasons for this to be as a result of watching dirty movies with as much as 37 percent of respondents admitting to this. 29 percent of people however said that watching a TV show that’s boring would lead to sex as they would crave for something more entertaining.


One of the colours that can greatly impress and turn on sexual heat is red. It is quite good for seduction as a study claims that men rated women who wore red as being more attractive and sexier than women putting in other colours.


Sounds gross, doesn’t it? But it’s actually true. A study published in the journal of Neuroscience found out that women can be aroused by the sweat of their men. The scent from sweat can help to increase the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in women which can boost libido.



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