5 Types Of Sensations Your Body Wants To Feel During Sex

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No matter how hot and steamy your sex life is, there’s always a need to switch things up every now and then in the bedroom. And the best way to amp things up is by making use of areas that elicit the highest sensations on you and your partner’s body. As a matter of fact, any type of sensation is usually enough to improve and increase your erotic and sensual experience. You may however need to do some experimenting to figure out the exact type of sensations that fires you up.

You can start with these.

Breezy Sensation
The feeling of gentle breeze blowing across your naked skin is one that is sensational enough to engage the receptors connected to the hair of your body. You can achieve this amazing feeling by placing a fan close to your bedside to blow cool air onto your skin while you have sex. This can bring about a very erotic feeling especially if the room you’re having sex in is warm.

A change in body temperature can be a great way of stimulating the numerous neuroreceptors under the skin which can in turn build sexual anticipation. Anything that can stimulate cold sensations can particularly energise your body and also increase the ability of your body to receive pleasure. You can try introducing cold fruits such as apples or oranges which you can drag along your partner’s body to stimulate arousal. You can also choose to refrigerate your sex toys before using them to provide the deepest and enjoyable sensations you’re yet to see.

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Tingly Sensation
Feeling tingly tends to make foreplay more electric and also heightens sensitivity. Try brushing your teeth before oral sex and watch how the coolness and minty feel the toothpaste brings to your mouth makes your partner have that tingly feeling.

By turning up the temperature in the bedroom, there’s an ample chance that you can increase the sensitivity of both you and your partner to touch. A bit of heat can help to increase blood flow in an out of your skin. This helps to make the skin more sensitive and responsive to arousal. A good way to turn the temperature up is to try the hot water trick. Before oral sex, sip a little warm water which you can swish around your mouth before swallowing. This will make your mouth warm and give warm sensations on the private regions of your partner which can send them into an ecstatic mood.

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Ticklish Sensation
Not everyone can be tickled but quite a high percentage of us have a sexual interest in tickling which can bring a lot of fun to foreplay and sex in the bedroom. To give your partner maximum pleasure, try running your fingers or your palms across the hair on your partner’s body. Look out for the areas that are more sensitive and pay more attention to them by tickling them for an extra second or two before running your hands down. Doing this helps to build anticipation and the sensations they’d feel can both be a good way to build up foreplay.



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  1. I wish I could get tickled. My husband loves it but when he tries to gently stroke me I get squeemish and ruin the moment. He finds it a great turn on though.

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