5 Really Cool Things About The Tecno W4

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Over the last few days, I’ve been using Tecno’s latest entry-level phone, the Tecno W4. And here are 5 things I like about the phone.

1. Fully accessorized: When you purchase the Tecno W4, you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra accessories. The phone comes fully packed with a charger and USB cord, a pair of earphones and even a smart cover, which helps to protect the phone and can also be used to open and lock it.

5 Really Cool Things About The Tecno W4
5 Really Cool Things About The Tecno W4

2. Fast charging and long battery life: The Tecno W4 charges really fast, which is a benefit in the poor power conditions of Nigeria. It also packs a 2600 mAh battery that gets you through a whole day without needing to be carrying banks all day.

3. A beautiful screen: Probably my favorite feature about the Tecno W4 is it’s beautiful 5-inch IPS screen. For such a screen to come with an entry-level is definitely value for money.

4. All the essentials waiting for you: The Tecno W4 helps you save a whole bunch of data by coming pre-installed with all your favorite apps. All your Google apps? Waiting for you. Whatsapp? There too. Facebook & Twitter? Everything! And of course, the amazing Boom Player too!

5. Beauty and brains too: The Tecno W4 isn’t just a phone that is good to look at. With 1GB of RAM, Tecno’s new Hi-OS and a speed booster installed, the W4 doesn’t freeze and hang like other entry level phones do.



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  1. LOL I still love my Tecno L8 and I ain’t changing anything, although this is one superb kinda phone too..I like it

  2. I think I am liking this phone going by the reviews and comments. Please where can I get it in J-town(Jos)

  3. Please advice needed, which between W4 and L8 should I buy? I wanted to buy L8 but seeing this has made me confuse

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