5 Modern Computer Tech Words Everyone Should Know

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A lot of words are used which many of us consider as jargon when it comes to the internet and computers. We sometimes even go ahead to use these words incorrectly simply because we’ve heard ignorant people do the same. What we all however need is a short and simple explanation of the concept so that when it comes up during usage, we can appropriately use and reference the terms.

HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. These two terms refer to the core technologies that are employed in the development of Web pages. HTML is the technology that allows videos, texts, forms, images and any other piece of content on a website to make everything become cohesive. HTML also allows the resizing of images, adding of external links to pages and tweaking of words. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS allows for styling around images, font size, type, colour, mouse-ober effects and page layouts.

In short, anything that can be seen or read is presented by HTML while the CSS makes it look beautiful to sight.

Internet, WWW
WWW or the “world wide web” and the “Internet” are terms that are most times used interchangeably but don’t exactly mean the same thing. The Internet in reality is the wiring that allows all the computer systems in the world to interact and communicate with one another. The World Wide Web on the other hand operates through the wiring system of the Internet. Different Web pages are transmitted through Internet connections. A lot of different data asides Web pages however travel across the Internet too and a good example of these are emails.

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UX and UI
UX refers to user Design Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both UX and UI work hand in hand and are essential to every computer product.
The UX acts as the functional design which measures and optimises functions of the computer. The UI is more cosmetic in nature and makes viewing, presentation, senses and reactions aesthetically pleasing.

Front and Back End
The front end refers to the part of a website which a user gets to interact with. Whatever you see when you browse or surf the Internet from the colours, to sliders to dropdown menus are a combination of CSS, JavaScript and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are controlled by the browser of your computer.

The front end of the website has a back end where all data that makes the website possible is stored. The back end of any website usually consists of a database, a running application and a server. An app developer builds and maintains the technology that powers all the components that enables the front end or the user interface to exist at all. Back end developers make use of server languages such as Java, Python, PHP, .Net and Ruby to build applications and tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server to find, save, or change data and serve it back to the user in front-end code. This enables server applications and database communicate with each other.

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Software and Application
Software and applications are terms that are most times used wrongly. Software is an all-encompassing term used in contrast to hardware. As such, everything that is not hardware, is software. An application on the other hand is a type of software meaning all applications are software, but not all software are applications. An “App” is a small chunk of software which is usually designed to run on any type of small and specialized electronic devices such as a smart phone.



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