5 Changes All Breastfeeding Moms Experience In Their Sex Lives

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Pregnancy and child delivery brings a lot of changes in the lives of young couples. For some young mothers, breastfeeding may initially mean a lot of oxytocin-induced bonding with the new child, no pre or post menstrual syndromes, and no periods.

A lot of women will however feel heavy in their breasts and also have their nipples chaffing which most times have a negative effect on their sex lives.

We’ve dug deep to find out how breastfeeding affects your sex lives and how you can reduce the negative impacts.

The Awkward Feeling
There’s always that awkward feeling nursing mothers feel when they have to stop in public places to breastfeed their crying children and always having to walk around with a spit on their dresses. This will most likely have you feeling like you’re a milk factory instead of the sex machine you were back in the days. More so, a lot of women think taking up the new role of a mother is incompatible with being sexy which is usually true in the early days of infancy when you have no choice but to constantly nurse your child. The best way to nip this in the bud is to bring up old memories of sexual intimacy with your spouse. You should however know that if you don’t feel like having sex, you’re under no obligation to do so.

Dryness Of The Vagina
Due to the hormonal changes caused by breastfeeding, there’s a likelihood that your vagina will be drier than it normally is. The reason is because your pituitary gland responsible for the production of prolactin (a hormone responsible for stimulating your breasts to produce milk) is highly stimulated when you’re nursing a child. The prolactin hormone however, also has an inhibitory effect on other hormones produced in the pituitary gland such as oestrogen. The oestrogen hormone is responsible for the wetness of the vagina and without it, the vagina becomes parched making you experience something akin to what older women experience during menopause.

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There’s A Lot Of Spotting
Due to the incredible changes in your hormones during and after childbirth including child nursing, you may experience a lot of irregular spotting. This usually makes a lot of women feel uncomfortable especially when it comes to having sex with their spouses. The best thing to do here is to maintain the highest level of hygiene possible with a regular change of panties.

You Feel Sexier
Some women have reported feeling sexier and wanting to have incredible sex while breastfeeding their children. You may be wondering how anyone can feel sexy while breastfeeding but the truth is the breasts are a hundred times more tender and sensitive when nursing a child. This increases the sensations you feel which may result in easier and quicker orgasms during sex.

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Tiny Squirt Shots
Squirting here does not refer to your typical kind of squirting. Here, we are referring to your nipples which may leak small amounts of breast milk when they are stimulated or when you orgasm. This release of milk is a part of the milk-ejection reflex which a wide array of studies have reported that a high percentage of partners find exciting because it gives a visual representation of your orgasm.

Lastly, an increase in the production of the hormones oxytocin and prolactin coupled with the physical act of breastfeeding can go a long way in filling the gaps of any affection you need which may make you rebuff any affection shown by your partner. It is important for your relationship that you make out time (out of your busy schedule of nursing your new child) for the father of your child.



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