#360DIY: How to Make Matte Nail Polish

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Matte nails are really hot right now and we show you ways to achieve the matte effect without using a matte polish. There are actually various ways to achieve the matte effect.

#360DIY wants to take you through 2 ways, with easy steps.

Method 1

What you need 

Corn Starch / Baby powder

Top coat

Steps to follow 

You can pour the corn starch into a bottle of your nail polish top coat and the entire bottle becomes matte. That’s a big commitment because putting too much can make your top coat clumpy. So start with a little and build up.

To make a small batch of a matte topcoat, just follow this simple tutorial! About 1-2 dips of corn starch for a dime sized puddle of topcoat. Once you’re done, wipe off the brush with remover before placing it back in your topcoat bottle.

matte nails

Method 2

What you need

Freshly painted nails with glossy finish

Pot of boiling water

Steps to follow

  • Paint your nails
  • Before the nail polish dries, put your hands over a pot of boiling water
  • Hold your hands so that the steam flows through your fingers
  • Wait till your polish dries.  It’s matte.

DIY nails

Matte nails should look like this when done;

mattenails 6


Credits: Prettygossip.com, ladylifehacks.com 



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