#360Date: Baby Ja Lo Eleko! Win A #360Date With The Eleko Crooner Mayorkun

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#360Date is back with the desire to connect super fans with their beloved celebrities.

For weeks now, our ears have been stuck on one tune, our speakers have been banging to ‘Eleko’ by the latest addition to the HKN/Davido Music Worldwide family, Mayorkun.

Mayorkun released the video to his HIT single ‘Eleko’ a month ago and it has already racked up to 1 million views on Youtube.

So we are giving one lucky fan the opportunity to go on an expense paid dinner date (and maybe end up at Eleko) with Mayorkun (If anything extra happens, tell us… we love gist.)

Listen to Mayorkun’s Eleko

To be Mayorkun’s date, here are the rules to play by;

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why you think Mayorkun should choose you as his date.*We know being over-excited can make you continuously click the enter key, but multiple entries means instant disqualification*
  • Keep it creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul/dirty language* Keep it PG and reserve the sweet nothings for the date….*
  • Use a valid email address in the email address column of the comment box *do not include your email & phone details or even BB PIN…. in your comment*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on his twitter page or any other social media platform.
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos.
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Friday (May13th 2016 ). *any comments after that will not be valid*

The Eleko crooner himself will  go through all comments and decide who he would like to go on a date with and then the 360NoBS team will contact the lucky winner via email to make all the necessary arrangement.

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Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

Creative junkie/fashion enthusiast, she captivates readers through her good command of English & the very interesting contents of her writing. Follow Juliet @fabdutchess on instagram & twitter


  1. Really don’t know how to put it..Been feeling you right from day ONE…Everyone would say they are a big fan of HKN/Mayorkun….I also am….And the Opportunity to have a date with you is huge…and I really would like to get answers to one or two questions and also joke and laugh about alot of other stuffs…..I’m from Ogun state…I Live in Lagos and I school in Benson Idahosa University Benin….Major love from here bruh….Would really love to link up.

  2. Hello mayourkun I’m a female artist ….will love u to choose me as your date wanna learn one or two things from u …you are talented and your style of music is unique … Will be very happy if u choose me as your date

  3. When i saw this i was like wow would rilly like to meet mayorkun cos hve neva rilly like met any celeb before. Getting to meet maryorkun would be really fun as a fan dats like a big opportunity i get to know more about him, we take selfies, and would rilly love to know d main inspiration behind Eleko.It would b a memorable one for me. Much love from your biggest fan. Omotolani.

  4. I would indeed be glad and extremely happy if I get to go on a date with mayorkun,it will be like a page off a fairytale, it would be a memorable day,and a dream come true. I will try as much as possible to keep a smile on your face, will like to sit with the guy that got signed to davidos record label, the talented and handsome brain behind Eleko,and also using the rich Yoruba language in some parts of the song, meeting you would make my day, month and be the best birthday gift have dreamt of, I won’t seize to ask questions and want to hear some things from your point of view, I would relieve you off stress for a bit and brighten your day. .and I would definitely go home smiling..

  5. I would really like to be your date @Mayorkun because i am a big fan and would be glad to mingle nd know a little more about you ….Make my wish come true … #amaverybigfan …. Much love

  6. Wow see comments.. Ok.lemme drop mine too,I might be d lucky winner.. Yels(in jenifa s voice…lol).An open letter to a rare talented, great and glorious artist davido discovered (Emmanuel). Yes I will love to call u dat if I get to see u. M NOT a big fan..M a HUGE fan dat ur single #Eleko# has always been on repeat. I made all my hostel mates to fall in love deeply with d song..like to leave it on repeat with a loud speaker especially wen dere is no lite and it s only ma gennerator dat is on,u deff knw dat in dat kind of situation.. U gotta listen cz it s d loudest tin weda u like it or not…lol. #Eleko is naw Mtn..everywhere u go lol. D whole lautech is enjoying d hit. Let’s go on a date, u will really enjoy it trust me..a lot of jist and all.it will be fun and I will be so apy. #Elekolover# HKN is best. Cheers.

  7. I will like to go on a date with mayorkun because of his style of music which is one of the things I love about Nigeria musicians, they do come out with unique style of giving out music to the world and mayorkun is top most of my hot fav artiste at the moment, the video to his single(eleko) is so hot and interesting ,the song itself is not left out.Am very sure is gonna release another hot single very soon because he is talented,creative and I also see bright future ahead of his music career, and he is also in the right platform

  8. If i said there were a thousand reasons why i would love to go on a date with Mayorkun, am sure you will call me a pathetic liar. That’s not who I am, but I have a thousand reasons for listening to Eleko and i guess that’s just enough reason to want to dine with the lovely brain behind the No 1 song that brings out the real me and puts countless smiles on my face…. Let’s do this Mayor!

  9. I have listened to Eleko countless times because of my stalker sister (who by the way has a crush on you) but she is too shy to come on here and ask for a date because she is also scared of loosing, so am doing it on her behalf (Her name is Folakeme btw) so in case I am choosen, she will be the one to attend. Thanks from a Super Fan’s sister

  10. I would like to go on a date with mayorkun’s because I see him as a talented musician that will break some records in music entertainment in Nigeria. Eleko is always on repeat on my phone. Will be Glad If I Am Chosen

  11. lol, hi Mayorkun!! (i feel so silly atm) it would be really nice to get to meet up with you but either ways i just want say your song is so lovely and original. You go boy!

  12. @mayorkunn, wow this is going to be a great opportunity for me to meet with you, from the first day i listened to eleko till now,its hot ,That song i actually performed at an Audition,i flowed with it,the rhythm , i was comfortable with it,it actually got me a Ticket into the competition, i may not be the lucky one, but i just want you to keep it up and work more,you inspire me to do more music and never to be afraid of whatever challenges that may come , i even watched your interview on Naij.com ,you gave a word of encouragement , Mayowa Adewale .. God bless your Handwork and take you beyond… Success Darling…

  13. ******???Hello mayor. Am a song writer, and I believe artists that write good lyrics and have good delivery always pen down their names in the book of history. Now, haven’t listened to the lyrics of your hit single *Eleko*, I would humbly love to ask you personally what you mean by “Ori iya mi Eleko”..its understood to say *baby to mi wo le kan, waa ri pe mo ro bi eko*, it’s okay to say *Baby je a lo eleko (that’s eleko beach) * cool. But when you say *ori iya mi eleko*, I can’t just comprehend, no hate but just wanna understand that line and some other things about you, as so many thought your mum being a celeb connected you to davido. Anyways, I humbly wish you choose me and let’s talk about it physically, have a fulfilled career, bless! *love always*???*******

  14. @hkn gang, would love to be on a date with you basically because am an upcoming act and the lover of your new hit track Eleko, so we could talk about music world… would really be glad if am chosen…. cheers

  15. Hi mayorkun…I’m probably your biggest fan right now and It’ll be so nice to finally meet you…it’ll be fun, trust me.

  16. Hi mayorkun really love ❤ this platform,cause have really been waiting for an opportunity like this.it will be a great pleasure meeting you in person and its gonna b a dream come true..

  17. Hi Mayokun❤❤❤ instead of telling you what i would want to do, why don’t i tell you what i don’t want to do on this date?

    * I don’t want to sit there, smiling awkwardly and tell you “OMG I can’t believe I’m here with you” every 30 seconds?
    *I don’t want us to have a boring time at all!
    *I don’t want anybody to form for anybody. No fork and knife bants pls?
    *I don’t want to go home wishing I had said this or done that… Like how many times does a girl get to go on a date with Mayorkun?
    * I won’t call all my family members and make you speak to them I promise?

    These are the things I would love to do if I were to go on a date with you tho!

    1. Go to the restaurant and not eat anything?? because we’re talking and laughing so loud we will probably forget about food

    2. If we were to eat at all, we would probably go for like pounded yam and eat it with our hands (no time for forming plix!?)

    3. Watch people talk and try to imagine what they’re saying. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    4. Take like a million selfies and have you take over my snapchat? I’m sure my followers wouldn’t mind

    5. Give you an embarrassing nickname and tease you till you’re tired of me?

    6. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more (I love to laugh, can you tell?)?

    I hope you’re not a quiet guy o. Don’t dull me? if you are sha, I’ll bring out the noisy in you.

  18. Wow??, I’ve read pples comments and now short of word ??. Well, not much to say, just, Yes! I would like to go on date with mayokun and d rest should be said if i get selected???.

  19. Hi…m Dharmie foxy and would love to go on a date with you….just to have a nice chat time with you…….Wish u all d best

  20. I just don’t know why am addicted to mayorkun, i don’t care going on a date with him, i will be so glad just to have a picture with him, Eleko most played song on my phone, i will like to see you bro, love you no HOMO

  21. Sigh..I love eleko so much..my mom was lyk am not selling eko..have not seen any celebrity before and I would love u to be d first person.. am short of words..but would love to meet u and have fun..

  22. Thanks 360nobs for doing this!! God bless you guys. I would love to go on a date with mayorkun because am in love with this boy not even because of the song Eleko but because he is wonderful, he loves his fans and he is really a very nice nd wonderful person!!! And he is not even proud at all so it’s really really going to be nice getting to meet mayorkun!! I love you baby boy❤️ Hope to see you soon.

  23. I’ve always dreamed of being on a date with a celebrity…just have fun make them laugh…take a few photos(im not really the photo type?)..etcetera
    For just this purpose I could construct a write up as long as third mainland bridge….even longer….but of what use will it be??you’re prolly busy doing other stuffs….

    .. well hi my name is above already….I’d really love to meet you….I’ll love to be your date on Sunday…I know this is not a yastic but first because
    ¶I’m not a Yoruba girl but because of my addiction to your song i can sing it perfectly well from the top to the end
    ¶I don’t really know what U like but trust me on this ure gonna enjoy my company….(no be lie)…
    ¶+I live in Benin but I’m ready to transport myself to Lagos..

    I’ve never been on a date with any celebrity so I’m really short of the exact words to use….
    Just Please give me a chance….I promise to wow you ?? i hope to see you on Sunday mayor I have a lot of GIST for U…????…..

  24. I think mayorkun will choose me because am his type of girl nd his my type of guy i wish to see u thanks.

  25. Make my biggest dream come true by choosing me as your date… am in love with your song.. cnt wait to meet you.. am begining to imagine and am already smiling.. pls pls pls i promise you wont 4get that day….. my fingers will remian crossed

  26. Hi mayorkun, or should I say Mr Adewale, i’m a great fan of yours, your lyrics are breathe taking and your voice is awesome, you are my imaginary friend, my personality so soft like pap, and I pray that you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. Nigbati ma ri eh Oluwa lo mo…?

  27. Yay?i would really love to go on a date with you because it will be lyk a dream come thru#finally meeting up with the guy av bin crushing on since I heard his single ELEKO..pls!pls! Make it a dream come thru MAYORKUN..???????i want to sit with you and hear you talking n I will be all smiles and be real with you..am fun to b with..I Luv gisting # u will definitely gonna lyk my personality..THANKS!GRACIAS!!

  28. Hello! I cried several times I listen to this song cause it’s partially my story and a great motivation. My mom was selling Akara (beancake) and eko to sponsor me and my siblings before the lord took control.. That part ”igbatimalowo oluwa lomo” means alot to me. I wanna meet him to know Wat motivated him to sing dat song cause am always thinking about it day and night. And if am not chosen I will still like to get d answer from u mayourkun. What is ur motivation?

  29. Wow.@360nobs thanks so much for this great opportunity. Adewale Emmanuel Mayowa,I will be d happiest person on earth if u allow me to be your date on Sunday.am a very big fan dat ur single #Eleko has turn to my national anthem. I start my day with it and still listen to it @ bed time everyday. U re such a talented and handsome guy that I will like to meet. M 4rm osun state as u,and u dont think it will be fun to appreciate and choose sum1 4rm ur state? Ohh 4get it,we will av a lot to jist about. 4real u won’t av any dull moment with me. Ila orangun is my home town but I skool in Bowen university. I will love to drink sum palm whine and Bush meat with u…lol. M already imaging d date on Sunday trust me, m here smiling and thinking abt wot s on ur mind rite now…common choose Adesewa and let s do this. #GodblessDavido# #Godblessmaryokun# #Godblesshkngang# #Adesewaelekobaby# COMING THRUU….LOL

  30. Right from d day you dropped a video of u singing on Twitter, I liked yo,yo music is like saying if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The feelings that u provoke in yo music is real and lasting and causes one to want to grasp hold to a positive aspect of advancing humanity. Music is unveiling and revealing of what we believe. Singers/Musicians such as you(kun) stand in front vocalizing what we stand behind and they represent our feelings and deepest emotions. Thank you kun because you represent boldly, and for this we also have much love…I know you relate to all I said…even if I don’t get to be the winner,m basically a winner everyday I get to listen to yo track Cos you a WINNER..and also meeting you could help my career in what i do and get to be inspired by you..God bless you kun???say me hi to drey???

  31. OMG m excited. Lemme direct this to maryokun himself. Namesake mi wassup naw.wetin dey sup? Don’t even knw wot to write here but lemme start with dis,I will be so so so much glad to meet d elekocrooner on Sunday. U re wonderfully made and awesomely created Mayowa..I knew that wen i 1st listen to d JAM u released %Eleko% dat hit 1million views in just 10days on YouTube..No..u re great.m a dancer and I dance to d song everytime.i even av a recording dance video of it on my phone,,,m gonna show u and even dance 4 u if I av d opportunity to be ur date on Sunday and u gonna love every moment we spend togeda. Lemme promise u sumtin Namesake,after d date,u will just av to sit down and start smiling alone and probably anybody is gonna ask u y and u will be like,d girl I had a date with is a clown cz m gonna leave dat memory 4u. M not in Lagos ATM but m ready to transport myself 4rm skul down dere if m chosen. Everything in life is luck..I bliv am gonna be d lucky girl. Pls choose ur Namesake..I pictured d nice dress and pencil heels m putting on already i swear..lol .m gonna be fabulously dressed and u will love it…u going to ‘lami lai foyin’ and ‘ko mi je lai mu omi le'(in ur lyricz) lol. I love hkn guys. God bless 360nobs 4 this. U guys rock.

  32. I love the sincerity of the words in the song eleko, and I’d like to know the personality of d person underneath the musician mayorkun, and I’m also impressed that he was signed by my favourite artist of all time davido… D song eleko teaches morals, patience is a virtue,

  33. Hey Mayorkun,
    Am so happy the very day @iam_davido announced your signing to his very own record label DMW, then the #Eleko vibe…it blows off my worries……just can’t get enough of #eleko…..expecting more great vibes like #eleko…..if am the luck person…all glory to God …if not! still remain your dying hard fan?????

  34. I feel very excited nd honoured to b part of dis lovely experience with 360nobs nd mayorkun.
    First, I would love to appreciate Davido for bringing dis rare talent to d DIME LIGHT!! Trust me, YOU GOING PLACES. Have always loved and admired you secretly even b4 u became a SUPERSTAR. Have always bin DAT quiet and shy girl who always follow and like ur post, who always slide into ur DM BUT UNFORTUNATELY Neva get noticed, Was extremely proud of you wen davido acknowledged ur TALENT… ALL I ASK FOR IS JUST A HUG FROM YOU #MYKINGKONG #MYIGCRUSH #DAY_ONE_FAN. GOD BLESS U AND LIFT UR HIGHER.. #ELEKO_ON REPEAT..

  35. wow I will love to meet Maryokun, I so much love him am one of his biggest fan and I will really love to go on a date with him, I just pray he picks me oh my GOD maryokun you killing me I so much love you and I will love to really meet you

  36. Well… I just want to say that I love you, your voice, your music everything. I am literally the biggest fan of Hkn. When I first heard your song, God I was soooooo crazy bout you and everywhere I go I’m like ?why you carry carry fire fire for your head eh? I would be the happiest girl on earth if I get to meet you. I live in Abuja so I think my wish is not gonna be granted?? but I just wanna let you know that some things mean the world to me and you are one of them.

  37. I will be much grateful if I be the chosen one, there are so many things to discuss with you aside music.
    Thank You.

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