3 Reasons Why Cussing May Not Be As Bad As We Think

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The fact that you have love for four-letter vulgar words may not be as bad as you think and may generally have more of a good impact on you than you think. According to a recent study published in the journal of Language Sciences; the more expletive words you use, the larger your vocabulary.

Researchers at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts found out that both in speaking and writing, people who rattled off more general words had almost the same ability to name more cuss words than normal words. As a matter of fact, people that have a lot of swear words in their pool may actually be more intelligent as the ability to identify and correctly use a wide range of words is a demonstration of a person’s intellectual capabilities.

Cussing with words doesn’t just signify intelligence. Here are three other benefits that a person with a filthy mouth has.

It Helps You Win An Argument

Cussing can help you make your point in a strong and effective way. A study conducted at Northern Illinois University had psychology students listen to three speeches advocating for lower tuition. The participants in the study were of the opinion that arguments that ended with an expletive or cuss word were more persuasive than when they used a general word.
The study also however found out that profane words were more effective among people that were more predisposed to your point of view. Using such words on someone that strongly disagrees with you will only serve to reinforce their negative views which can dampen your credibility.

It Reduces Pain

Right from the moment you got spanked by your parents for using some foulness, you realised how exhilarating and powerful some foul words can be. Some researches have tried to know the link between physical pain and cussing. Volunteers were asked to place their hands in ice-cold buckets of water until they just couldn’t stand the pain.
They were then asked to utter their favourite cuss words. The volunteers were able to have their hands longer in ice, experienced less agony and a steady heart rate as opposed to when they uttered neutral words. This is because uttering foul words was able to provoke an emotional response which released the hormone adrenaline which dampens pain signals sent to the brain.
This type of cussing is known as “annoyance swearing.”

It Helps You Fit In

According to a report published in the Leadership & Organization Development Journal, swearing obscenities in some workplaces help to build bonds between employees and colleagues. In truth, if you’re comfortable using cuss words with your colleagues, if sends a bond signal that you all are in the same boat. This usually has a positive impact because it serves as a morale booster, makes the workplace more interesting and can encourage bonding especially when you have to work as a team.

It is however best you stay off swearing if you’re new on a job until you know your way around. You can then model your way words after what the people you met are saying. It’s best you direct your profanities at something (the weather) rather than someone (your boss).

Lastly, the cleaner your speech is, the more effective a well placed profane word will be.



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