18 Year-Old Nanny In Calabar Kidnaps Her Boss’s One Year-Old Son

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An 18 year-old nanny named, Covenant Bassey, has kidnapped her boss’s 17 month-old son, David, after working with the family for less than six months.

The child’s absence was noticed by his father, Ekpedeme, who said he had left his son in Bassey’s care and had gone out to pick his other children, a set of twins, from school.

When he returned, he couldn’t find his third son or the nanny.

Ekpedeme stated while reporting the matter to police officials, “When I got home on Friday around 2pm, I realized that the nanny had absconded with my one and five-month-old baby, David. The girl is just around 18 years”. 

David and Bassey

The police arrested Bassey’s mother and some other people related to the nanny but they have all claimed not to know her whereabouts.

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nanny bassey


Ekpedeme said Bassey used to have a phone which they gave her few weeks after she was employed in January, but the phone became damaged a week after she resumed work.

The father-of-three said, “She is not an illiterate. She finished secondary school. We believe that the police are working to rescue our boy. We have reported to the police, and they are on her trail.”

The child’s mother also informed authorities she became aware that certain properties had gone missing.

She said they had employed Bassey as a nanny on January 2, 2016 and up until abducting their son, the 18 year-old had been nice and good to David who was in her care.

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She told police officials,“It was when my husband returned from our twins’ school that he noticed the nanny had fled. Nobody saw her when she left.

But we observed that she left with some property in the house. She left with clothes and shoes. But she did not go with most of her things. The matter is with the police.”

The Cross River State Police Public Relations Officer, John Eluu, said, “The case was reported by the father of the boy and the police are still investigating. We cannot give many details for now. The police are on their trail.”


Source, YNaija

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