10-Year Old Hacks Instagram, Gets $10,000 Prize

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10-Year Old Hacks Instagram – A 10-year old boy named Jani has been awarded a $10,000 prize by Instagram for hacking into their system.

10-Year Old Hacks Instagram
10-Year Old Hacks Instagram

The hack discovered by Jani allowed any comments to be deleted, no matter who posted the comments. And in accordance with Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program, was awarded the cash prize.

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The Bug Bounty Program awards cash prizes to people who can find flaws in the network’s security so they can be fixed and prevented from happening again. Jani is the youngest person to ever be awarded by the program, beating the previous record of a 13-year old who found a problem with a Facebook product.

Jani’s feat is even more remarkable considering he is not even old enough to use Instagram, as the network’s terms state that all users must be 13 and older.




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