Yes, We Love This Company That Grants Staff A Day Off To Watch #GameOfThrones Premiere

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Every Game of Thrones addict is aware that the best time to watch the series is at night. No one shuffling, pacing, talking over the series, or asking annoying questions on what’s happening.

With all this in mind, a British technology firm decides to give their staff a half day off so they can watch the GOT Season 6 premiere.

Company/Office goals.

The company informs its UK staff “they would be able to watch the sixth series of the hit television show, which is due to start on April 24 but will air at 2 AM in the UK”.


The tech firm which has offices in New York, London and Belfast, said the decision was unanimously made by management as a means to create the ‘best working environment’ for its staff.

Founding partner for the firm, Tim Rodgers, said: “We are always trying to look after our guys and make sure we’re giving them the best work environment and social life as well”.

The sixth season of HBO’s hit show premieres next Sunday and airs in the US at 9 p.m., but it doesn’t make it overseas until 2 a.m.

Rodgers says his staff of sixty-eight at the Belfast branch of the company are “massive fans” who are completely “obsessed with the award-winning series, especially because parts of it are filmed in Ireland”.


To show how fun they are, the firm’s London operations director Emma Willis said “The half-day is now included in the company’s official holiday policy in its handbook”, an information which was to its employees on LinkedIn.

Emma writes: “When your company slips you an extra morning off work to recover from a #gameofthrones binge you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Didn’t expect that in the company handbook this morning!”.

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Rodgers said: “The announcement has caused some “friendly banter” between the overseas offices and those back in the US, who are planning their own watch parties with their co-workers. We have a great, friendly culture in the office”.


Rodgers also adds that “Big Apple”‘ – that’s NYC – staffers don’t have any surprise yet but his brain is cooking up something for them.

If bosses have any doubts on the benefits of allowing their staff some “play time’, Rodgers says “the policy has been good for business, too, with a 20 percent increase in job applications this week following the news of the “GoT” perk”.

He concludes, “Looking after what you have and bringing great people in is super important to us. We have a work hard, play hard atmosphere”.

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Who’d want to leave a company that gives them a ‘special date’ to watch their favorite TV Show? No one.

Companies can take a note or two.


Personally, I’m tired of the suspense surrounding Jon Snow’s death. Who else can’t wait?

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