Woman Kills Herself For Not Bearing Kids After A 12-Year Relationship

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A young woman keen to become a mother kills herself at home after arguing with her partner about starting their family, an inquest hears.

Janice Tucker couldn’t take being childless anymore after arguing with her partner.

The 39 year-old and hubby Paul Martin did talk about having kids though they hadn’t any yet; they had also been in a relationship for 12 years.

On the night Janice took her life, she and Paul had an argument at their home in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

The row which was about their future was so bitter, they slept separate that night. Miss Tucker slept in the bedroom while Mr Martin slept on the sofa.


The next morning, Paul went into the room to check on Janice and found her hung in the bedroom with a suicide note by her side, which read: ‘All I ever wanted to do was live my life and be loved for who I was.’

Barrow Town Hall where Janice’s inquest was held, heard that ‘Martin had been planning to propose to Miss Tucker before her death. The couple had been having drinks at a hotel bar where she worked before their argument about their family plans’.

Mr Martin told the hearing: “I wanted to get something to eat and go to bed but she brought up the conversation of having children. We had already said we were going to have children, we had even picked names. It turned into an argument so I slept on the sofa and Janice went to bed”. 

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He called emergency services immediately he found her body and they declared her dead in their home and saw her suicide note as well.

Miss Tucker’s mother Ingrid Middleton described her as ‘bubbly’.

She said: ‘She was always known as a grinner because she never smiled with her teeth. She was well loved and her family miss her everyday, especially her sisters. The last line she wrote said, “All I ever wanted to do was live my life and be loved for who I was.” I loved her very much for who she was’.

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