Wizkid Slams Back At Linda Ikeji With A Photo Taken With The Commissioner Of Police

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The Linda Ikeji/ Wizkid saga takes new angle after being in the news for the past weeks, thanks to her back and forth drama with Wizkid.

The popular blogger and gossip columnist reported Wizzy to the police for threatening to have his little cousin beat her up and he was summoned to the station which he didn’t appear.

Linda then went on a long post explaining why she reported Wizkid.

She said she doesn’t want him and his minions to go about brandishing verbal assaults to other females just because they are famous with the intention to get away with it. An act which Toni Payne today called her a hypocrite for as Linda Ikeji and her blogspot alone have ruined more females’ image than 1000 Wizkid’s put together – according to public opinion.

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Well, Wizkid has just proven to Linda Ikeji he’s not all up for her online talk-trum as he went to see the commissioner of police and even got himself a ‘wefie’ with the commissioner.

Who’s winning or losing in this battle of Wizkid vs Linda?

With the Hon Commissioner of Lagos Police!!! Police is ur friend! ??? #youngPablo!!

A photo posted by Wizkid (@wizkidayo) on

Read Insta banter below and share yours too.

  • humblehenry – @officiallindaikeji why did you report him to the Lagos CP, you both have mutual friends that would have settled the BS for the both of you. That’s savage madam! Anyways, Wizzy is a lagosian. You might have been born in Lagos too but you ain’t a lagosian.@wizkidayo go and report her to Oba of Lagos, and jagaban. Eko oni baje oooo!!!
  • pamcee_chi – Wat money and fame can do, so sorry linda
  • s_sire –  u dey c ur guy ? Dey fall my sister hand???
  • javarh – Anti Linda . who u won go report to nw . civil defense or Neighborhood watch
  • badman_ahmed – Wizkid person no de play with you again ??? lol you got her fucked up.
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  1. Chai! Nigerians are truly useless people! Someone threatens you and you report to police then it becomes a bad thing??? Nigerians are doomed!

  2. we are not talking of just anyone, we are talking of agbaya linda ikeji who talks bad about people all day, and now catching feelings because she met her match who is disgracing her all over town. Now she knows how it feels. I thought she was immune to feelings was why she was doing it to others

  3. The fools saying wizkid slammed her by taking a picture with the CP.. I don’t blame you guys o.. I blame the blogger that can’t verify before posting trash. She declined taking a picture with him. And Toni Payne doesn’t deserve to be called a woman , she should be called a thing or better still NOTHING! Singer oshi.. With your random voice.

  4. This Rhoda must be a bigger fool for calling other people fools..idiat. That comment she made about buying men!,really made 50% of guys and some percentage of ladies hate her! I Blame Both Wizkid And Linda Ikeji.
    I am against violence of any kind okay, Wizkid was VERY VERY WRONG to have threatened her (he’s just too naive and she exploited on that) but also, knowing Linda I can bet that she has been threatened several times before this. Violence against women is a major problem in Nigeria but using her narrative to preach this? Doesn’t add up for me. We are talking laws now, shall we recant how many lawsuits have been filed against Linda for libel and defamation of character?
    Linda feels physically and mentally abused. I would too but I wonder how she thinks those people who she airs their dirty laundry and claim it’s her doing her job feel? The false stories she has published without rendering apologies..so many, does she care how they feel? Did anyone take her to the “Nigerian Police”? They just let it slide.
    Take Femi Kuti’s case for example, heck she put up pictures of his kids, haba, where does she draw the line? basically you’re saying she can write any and every hearsay?.

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