Will.I.Am Releases New ‘I.Am Plus Dial’ Wearable Phone Wristwatch

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Former Black Eyed Peas member and music producer, Will.I.Am has produced his latest (need we mention, second) attempt at a wearable phone wristwatch he has dubbed ‘I.Am + Dial’.

The musician’s latest stab at the gadget industry is designed as a smartwatch that functions fully as a phone. The gadget has been described as a ‘wrist-worn, phone-free’ wearable hand device.



The Dial is  promoted by the British network Three, at a starting price of £19 (that’s roughly $28 or N7,600).

After that the user follows up with a two-year contract at roughly £25 per month (in the price range of $35 or N10,000).

The Naira equivalents are with the Nigerian unstable exchange rate of at most N400 per pound. It’s yet to be confirmed if the device will be available outside the UK.

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The Dial comes with its own 3G SIM card, providing the chance to make a phone call, text and email from one’s wrist. It can also connect to Wi-Fi, though it has no 4G.

It doesn’t have a screen to dial numbers or texts on. All it has is a 1.63-inch AMOLED screen on the watch which comes with a built-in voice-activated system called AneedA, pronounced as in “I need a…”

The user speaks into AneedA for texts and phone calls and the voice-activated system does the rest.

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This isn’t Will.I.Am’s first time in the invention market as some of his past products such as his Foto.sosho iPhone case, a triangular speaker backpack and a collaboration with Gucci that never materialised, have caused many to doubt this will be any different.

Still, in the spirit of support, the I.Am + Dial gadget is up for preorder in the UK now.

Source: CNet

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