I Will Mobilise 30,000 Prophets To Pray For Nigeria – Primate Ayodele

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The Spiritual Leader of INRI Spiritual and Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has once again restated his prophecy that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot lead Nigeria to the ‘Promised Land’.

This is just as he has promised to invite over 30, 000 prophet to pray for the country, adding that Buhari will only lay the foundation for a new Nigeria but won’t be the one to lead the country to the desired destination.

Speaking to Vanguard Newspaper during an exclusive interview, the Primate said: “What Buhari has come to do is not to take Nigeria to the Promised Land but to pave the way for it to happen. He will lay the foundation for a new Nigeria.”

He continued: A new Nigeria is coming. The area I am skeptical about is that if the law is not well planned, Nigeria may not be one again and we will then have a regional system of government whereby each region will operate on its own and I see a situation where different republics come out of Nigeria because we failed to find drastic solutions to our problems. May be there is security report to that effect or not, I don’t know.

You remember I said in one of my interviews in the past that Nigerians would buy fuel for N200, N250. Has it not come to pass now? It is the same thing I am saying now, many people may not believe. I said that some states would collapse economically and that Buhari would become President but that his government would be fluctuating. Now, the solution is this, the prophets have to come together.

There are differences between prophets and pastors. I have been taking steps for prophets to come together and pray for this nation through their anointing. The country needs prayers. What is happening now to the nation is more than the government can do alone. Meanwhile, we have people who will criticise every good move.

I have visited Primate Olabayo. Some people will say Primate Olabayo is not a prophet, but I say it to you that Primate Olabayo is a genuine prophet of God. He is a prophet and people have benefited from his prophetic endowment. I visited him on the 10th of April 2016 to tell him the way forward for Nigeria. We spoke at length on how to organize prayers for Nigeria because Buhari cannot do it alone.

We need to move this country forward and we need people who can do it. Buhari can move Nigeria forward, he has the intention and mission, but he is surrounded by people who are not with him in his mission and he does not see it. We are going to do the prayers for Nigeria. Anybody who wants to participate can come in. By the time you get my church and other prophets I want to invite, we will have nothing less than 30,000 that will register for the prayer. That is one of the ways forward that God said I should take and I have taken that step.

I will move to the South South to bring together the prophets there for this same mission. You know that I don’t belong to CAN, Christian Association of Nigeria, PFN, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, or whatever because I don’t believe in their leadership. I don’t believe in what they stand for. This forum is not to form any association. So, this one I am going to do on my own, I am only taking steps as God directs me.

President Buhari needs prayers. APC needs prayers because a lot is going to happen in that party that they will now see that they have some wrong people with them. They have too many wrong people there and 2019 is not going to be as easy as we talk about it. Not that there will be no elections but there will be changes in the elections that will distinguish them from those of the past. Before the election in Benin Republic, I told the President of that country that the Egun people would not take it easy with him. He lost the election. So, now, as a prophet, God can send you to anywhere in the world and that was why the Ghanaian President must strive hard to win second term.

I told Bukola Saraki that he should not take this CCT trial as a joke. I told him, in my interview with you, that he could go to Appeal Court and from there to Supreme Court and that any court he went to would not stop it. And if you remove Saraki and APC does not put its house together properly, PDP will still become the Senate President and that will cause a lot of problems in the Senate. Buhari will succeed in his anti-corruption fight but, at the end of the day, corruption will still hit his government because people who are corrupt and who are around him will be exposed.



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