Wife Shoots Husband’s Testicles On Suspicions Of An Affair

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woman shoots

Woman shoots husband of 16 years in his testicles over cheating allegations

Don’t cheat. If you do, ensure your wife doesn’t take shooting classes.

Victoria Reid, 60, is a scorned woman who shot her husband, Jim Reid, with intent to main but the bullet ricocheted and hit his testicles.

The ‘accidental shooting’ occurred while the couple were having an argument over Mr Reid’s promiscuity.

The sixty year-old who was arrested in Rocklegde, accused Jim of having sex with another woman before she shot him.

His condition is presently unknown.

woman shoots
Victoria Reid, 60

In a statement by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office:

Reid had a gun and confronted her husband of 16 years to discuss his affair.

Reid demanded that her husband sit on the couch and told him that she was going to maim him and give him post-traumatic stress disorder, which she said she also suffers.

Reid taunted her husband and threatened to shoot him in the face and chest and kill him.

Reid shot her husband in his left knee, but the bullet traveled up his thigh and lodged in his testicles, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Police said: “She pulled a gun and taunted him with it during the incident in Melbourne, Florida”.

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Victoria said she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and wanted to maim Jim so he could also suffer from the condition like her.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said Victoria then allegedly, ‘shot him in his left knee only for the bullet to ricochet into his testicles’.

Mrs Reid’s charges include ‘aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated domestic violence, false imprisonment and firing a weapon inside a home’.

She is being held in Brevard County Jail on a $35,000 bail (£24,600).

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