Which Of These Seven Types Of Breasts Do You Have?

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Ever wondered how many different types of breasts exist?

Well, research shows that a lot of men think there are two types of breasts, big or small, but this fact is wrong in a lot of ways and your mind is about to get blown by the types and variations that exist.

Research conducted by a bra company known as ThirdLove, says there are at least seven different types of breasts that graze the female anatomy.

The company discovered that fit was very important during their design process and it helped women in identifying the style and type of bra that best suits the shape of their boobs. The truth however is that all types of boobs are normal and beautiful in their own way and it is best for every woman to know their type of breasts and the bras that go with them as you never know when this knowledge can come in handy.

Here are the 7 types of boobs you never knew existed and the best type of bras that go with them.

Bell Shaped Breasts

breasts bell shaped
These types of breasts are usually narrow at the top and fuller towards the bottom making them heavy. The best type of bras for women with this type are full coverage bras. This is because the heavy breasts, which drag down the shoulders can cause the bra straps to slip, thereby reducing support.

Round Breasts

breasts round
Round Breasts are full from top to bottom and are most times enhanced surgically. Balconette styled bras help to show the perky nature of the breasts. Round Boobs have the advantage of being able to pull off very good looks and appearance.

East West Breasts 

breasts east west
These breasts are characterised by a slope from the top to the bottom which also moves to the outer sides. The nipples usually point in opposite directions. The general consensus is that T-shirt styled bras or push up bras are best for east west boobs because they help to flatter the shape of the boobs while also bringing them closer.

Asymmetric Breasts 

breasts assymetric
A lot of women have these types of breasts. Asymmetric breasts are distant in that one breast is larger than the other and it may not be noticeable at all (minor) to something very pronounced (major). The best type of bras for women with this type are bras with removable pads. The pads can be worn on the smaller side to provide a more even outlook.

Side Set Breasts

breasts side set
These breasts have a wide space between them with the nipples pointing sharply forward than those of the East West. Balconette styled bras which have a lot of fabric lying above the bra cups help to hide the large gaps between the breasts.

Tear Drop Breasts

breasts tear drops
These breasts have a gentler slope than those of the bell shape and the slope are easily visible from the side. The deeper neckline and cups of plunge style bras help to fill in the shallower top part of the boobs.

Slender Breasts

breasts slender
Slender Breasts are a little wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. They are also generally skinny and have very little breast tissues. Plunge style bras lacking in push-up materials are best because they help to pull the breasts towards the middle of the chest to give the impression of a bigger cleavage.



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