What’s In Your Night bag?

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There are two kinds of girls; girls who wear sexy lingerie/night wear and others who choose comfort and go for over-sized clothing or sleep in the nude.

If you have to sleep over or you planned a weekend getaway, what is in your night bag?  Do you have sexy night wear and lingerie or you plan to wear bae’s clothes.

If you choose Pyjama pants and round neck over a sexy night dress because of comfort we have some news for you. There are variety of options that are comfortable and still very flattering.

Today we run through some of the options you have for a sleep over that are comfortable and sexy.



Lace to be more racy, cotton chemise for comfort

Camisole and shorts


Camisole and shorts are really cute, and they come in different fabric. There is the silk one and cotton and preferably matching ones. It’ll give you that sexy look you are going for, definitely a night bag essential.

Tank Top and Pyjama pant


You are all about comfort nothing beats a pjama pants and a tank top. There are ways to make the basic pyjama pants and tank look sexy while your are still comfortable.



Rompers as super cute and can also be sultry, it’s just going to bed in a onesie . It’s really when comfort meets sexy.

Body suit & Robe



Body suit lingerie and robes, that’s the ideal sexy night wear. From commercials to movies that is the staple for sexy night wear.



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