What Do You Live For?

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I know this question can be seen as poke nosing, what’s my business whether you live for a purpose or for nothing, after all I said I am a Talent Manager not a Life Coach …well yes I poke nose sometimes or maybe all of the time; maybe I’m also looking for an opportunity to share my own story with you before I go back to my Talent Management series.


A few things have happened to me within the last month that has made me ask myself questions, in fact my absence from this space is not unrelated to this recent happenings.


As a growing child, I watched my sisters sing at home and chase me away each time I tried to join them…my voice was neither treble nor alto…it sort of always sounded like “key G or key Q”…lol, soon my sisters joined the choir, altar cleaners e.t.c while I kept asking myself what I could do for God and it came to me clearly, CHARITY…after all I had given out all my provisions on several occasions and stayed hungry in boarding house, I’ll rather put a smile on people’s faces.


Fast forward to 2012, one thing led to another and the GMD of Japaul Oil decided to partner to start an Orphanage where we will keep helpless children and orphans and I will play mummy to them. The project kicked off and I tried to give it my all and even blackmailed Jimi from Qtaby to volunteer, soon my passion became a cause and I lived for these children that had become mine, the number of children increased to twenty and eventually down to 17. On April 5th 2016 at about 6:30am one of the children who had a health condition passed away dramatically. My world actually came crashing, I asked God questions, couldn’t he have saved the life of the child despite the Cerebral Palsy? Did I fail in my duties as a mother? I even considered employing someone to take up my role in the orphanage so that I could leave…but when I got to the home that day and had my usual welcome form the other 16 children left, all screaming mummy, with everyone trying to report one thing or the other to me, I knew leaving wasn’t an option.


After almost three weeks of not driving or combing my hair, barely eating, looking at life from the gloomy side and thinking of death all the time, trying to write an article for this column like seven times but not finding the zeak, I realized depression was setting inn and I had to make a conscious effort to wake up and live again, at least for the sake of the other children.


So I made my hair and joined a Malaria week outreach to which Qtaby had been committed as partners before the unfortunate pass away of my son at the orphanage. The outreach was to a center for vulnerable children in Bariga and a medical Center in the famous Makoko Slum…it was like a new eye opener for me. I had to get to work, and work really hard to earn some good money. These people in Makoko who had come to accept life in that place could get a better life, I can’t give up now. The following day, I had to muster the moral to take part in a tweet conference to #SpeakUp agains Domestic Violence against women and girls which I had also committed to a while ago. I reluctantly joined the tweet chat but suddenly got very engrossed in it and motivated, lending my voice to speak against an abnormally in our society.


I HAVE FOUND MY PURPOSE IN LIFE…. helping people make a meaning out of their lives, being a mother to the motherless and a sister to those in need of sisters. Don’t even congratulate me or tell me how noble it is to do what I am doing, you don’t know the story behind those eyes when you see a beautiful picture of me on Social Media, I am only privileged to have found my purpose, as my life would be totally empty without it…the clothes, shoes, cars, glamour, lifestyle & what next? Find your purpose today, don’t keep working and putting money in the bank for the great grand children that you may never have without taking out time to reflect, you can join me in mine till you discover yours. Being wealthy isn’t measured by money in the bank anymore (after all Dasuki and IBB have money), being wealthy is measured by the number of lives you are able to touch!!!


Qtabyz Thoughts

Qtabyz Thoughts

Victoria Nkong is the C.E.O of Qtaby Events: www.qtabyevents.com, she is a multilingual Events Producer, a Talent Manager and a PR Consultant. Traveller, Fun lover,GOd Lover, knowledge seeker, Trouble Maker.

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