VIDEO: Pedophile Turns Up To Meet 14 Year-Old Girl, Meets Pedophile-Hunters Instead

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Pedophile Faints At Meeting Pedophile-Hunters

David Hanson of Newcastle has been sentenced to a 3 year community order and has been instructed to abide by a sexual harm prevention order; he was also forced to sign the sex offenders register.

The 45 year-old packed a toothbrush, toothpaste and condoms in his backpack as he scheduled to meet the 14 year-old.

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David is reportedly jobless and homeless having lost both his parents recently.

He passed out when Dark Justice confronted him as he was waiting for the child; when he recognized the pedophile hunting group, he told them he had seen their show on TV and wanted to join the group.


Although he denied wanting to meet the child for sex, a snapshot of his chat with the ‘girl’ proved otherwise.

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People’s thoughts: 

martin oneill – I don’t know what I’m more impressed by. The work you do or the level of restraint you show when these guys are lying their arse off to you. I’d love to start something like this in Ireland but I couldn’t trust myself to call the cops. A van and a shovel seems quicker and more suitable. Fair play to you guys, living legends.
Joel Green – Nobody wants to cure a pedo. They never admit they are one until they are caught. For all I care they can die haha. It’s not hard to find people your own age ???? like damn!! It’s people like you who makes the world it is today. I may be a little arrogant in this topic but I know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong and I don’t feel sorry for Pedos like him in the video?
Mark Dermeister1 – pedophilia seems to be endemic in this society and so many of these lowlife specimens go about their crimes with almost a free pass…if the authorities were serious about bringing these sick people to justice the prison system wouldn’t be able to cope though it might be a good reason to reinstate death penalty for these crimes…too many liberal and weak minded people protect these lost souls.
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