Usher SnapChats His Privates In Steam Room Session

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Usher showed the world he still got it bad when he snap chatted his penis this week.

His hit song You Got It Bad came into mind upon viewing the photo which the singer shared on social media app, SnapChat, Wednesday (April, 27).


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Before going full-frontal nude, Usher began by sharing snapchats from his kitchen, bedroom and living space, all the while fully clothed, before ending up in his steam room.


Well, we all know, you don’t wear clothes in a steam room, which is one reason the 37 year-old’s snap story shocked everyone as no one expected him to take off his clothes, walk into his steamer and begin to post an entire snap story of his naked self.

Usher was neither intoxicated nor was his account hacked as the star did his best to hide his member with the snap text and emoji.

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Trust online users with ultraviolet eyes, the singer’s penis couldn’t escape their prying eyes.


Source: Perez Hilton

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