Two Teenage Girls Face Murder Charges After Beating Woman To Death In Her Home

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Teenage girls charged with murder for beating a woman to death. 

The girls are facing murder charges after they beat Angela Wrightson to her death at her home in Hartlepool, County Durham.

They murdered the 39 year-old woman by battering her with a coffee table and a computer printer as she begged them to spare her life.

They were 13 and 14 at the time of the attack.

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Ms Angela Wrightson

Court heard the girls used ‘a host of weapons’ – a wooden stick laced with screws, a TV set, printer, coffee table and a shovel – to perpetrate the brutal attack on the woman. Leaving her with over a hundred bodily injuries.

They were proclaimed guilty after the court heard that the attack went on for over five hours – beginning on the evening of December 8 and continuing till the early hours of December 9.

Medical reports were inconclusive at Ms Wrightson’s time of passing. Her landlord discovered her body later that morning.

Both girls who cannot be named for legal reasons were left in tears as they were led from the dock immediately after their trial which lasted less than three hours before a verdict was reached.

They will be sentenced on Thursday.

A drawing the teenagers ade

Ms Wrighton who was an alcoholic had ‘shards of glass and small pieces of gravel or grit were strewn over and around her private parts and ash from burnt paper had been put in her ear’. 

The teenagers had let themselves into the woman’s home uninvited, before commencing with the attack, leaving only for a break before they returned to continue where they left off for an extra two-hours.

The youngins also shared images of their misadventure.

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The jury saw a photograph the duo had uploaded on Snapchat; in it they were ‘smiling in the foreground with a burred shot of Ms Wrightson sitting on a sofa in the background’. 

Earlier CCTV footage showed a discrepancy in cuts on the victims face in the photograph and her face before the attack.

The teenagers also called for a police van to take them home after the murder and took a picture while in the back of the van.

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It was captioned: ‘Me and [girl’s name] in the back on the bizzie van again’.

While they both admit to being in Ms Wrighton’s premises when the incident occurred, the younger 13 year-old said she had no part in the assault while the older 14 year-old admitted manslaughter but denied intending to cause serious harm.

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