Two Afghan Asylum Seekers Sexually Molest 14 Year-Old Boy At A Public Pool

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Two Afghanistan migrants have been arrested for sexually abusing a 14 year-old boy at a public swimming pool in Germany.

The young boy was swimming in the pool with his 11 year-old friend when the men approached them.

The men stayed back and stalked them till 4:45 PM when they were ready to leave the pool.

As the lads made their way to the changing/shower room, the migrants followed them.

Police reports the 11 year-old was able to hide but the older boy wasn’t as fortunate as he was grabbed by the men in the changing room.


Both men then forced the boy against his will to perform sexual acts on them.

Lifeguards were notified immediately which led to the swift apprehension of the vile men as they were arrested in the changing room.

 The incident occurred in Delbrück, North Rhine-Westphalia.

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 A judge in Paderborn ordered both men be detained when they were presented before the court.

Pool sexual attacks by asylum seekers is on the rise in Germany as quite a number of attacks have been reported so far.

Also, Germany’s neighbor, Austria also has its share of pool sexual attacks as ‘an Iraqi asylum seeker is awaiting trial for the brutal rape of a young boy in a pool changing room’.

Germany is dealing with the influx of asylum seekers who cross its borders for refuge and has purportedly spent thousands of pounds printing and distributing in numerous languages posters channeled at educating asylum seekers.

The information on the posters is aimed at informing these migrants about the proper behavior towards women.

Due to the increase in pool sexual attacks, local swimming pools are a major focus in the educational process for these migrants as new arrivals are taught to respect women, girls and boys; regardless if they are wearing a swim-suit or not.

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