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#NigeriansAreSuffering Takes Over Twitter

#NigeriansAreSuffering literally, as the populace have taken to twitter to share their disgruntlement about her President, her leaders and the general dilapidated state of the country and the economy.

Despite the promises made during the PMB/Osinbajo campaign and the quality of trust it took for Nigerians to come out en-masse to vote at the last elections, the Nigerian citizens continue to see a rapid increase in living-challenges, a stagnation in economic growth, and a no-way-out debacle with her leaders.

With a law that only permits elections to be held every fourth year, Nigerians have chosen to use social media as a means to share their plight with the hashtag #NigeriansAreSuffering.

Even the Northerners who were clamoring ‘Sai Baba’, ‘Sai Buhari’ are finding life the hardest as they are calling for their fellow Northerners to wake up and realize Buhari hasn’t made their lives better.

A user – Ba’ana said, “My Fellow Northerners, Lets Stop campaigning for Buhari in governance cos We are in the doldrums & #NigeriansAreSuffering”; 

Another Tweetheart blamed, “Nigerians are the cause of their problems.

Twitter True User also said, “Nigerians are suffering because the citizens have failed to understand the dynamics of modern governance”.

OgeTV said, “Nigerians Are Suffering bcos of the impatience of our past leaders to wait for the British to complete their work here. Look at South Africa!”.

Remi Gatsby stated, “Nigerians Are Suffering coz Buhari would rather appoint a commissioner who wrecked Ogun’s economy than other proven economists”.

DenJenny added, “#NigeriansAreSuffering! Rather than improved on Megawatts they met, APC allowed it to degenerate. Darkness and heat everywhere”.

Omotunayo challenged with, “A prove DAT #NigeriansAreSuffering what can 5 naira buy ??? Can anybody tell me?”.

Omotunayo concluded humorously with, “The only light u can see in my street is torch light, sun light and candle light… Yet NEPA will bring bill.. #NigeriansAreSuffering”.

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