Torres: With 11 Players, Atletico Would Have Won Against Barcelona

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Fernando Torres is of the mind that, Atletico would have triumphed against Barcelona had he not been sent off.

The Atletico striker found the net in the 25th minute, but was sent off after a brace of yellow cards in the space of 10 minutes.

The second half saw a Suarez brace, which handed Barcelona a 2-1 win ahead of the second leg quarter final clash, and Torres pinned much of the blame for the defeat on himself.

“I am sure that with 11 we would have won at Camp Nou,” the 32-year-old told El Larguero.

However, the former Liverpool striker believes his second booking was not deserving of a yellow card.

“I am convinced that the second yellow is not a card, I just felt a mixture of hopelessness and frustration,” the Spaniard said.

“What I saw in that play was just a stumble, it wasn’t a hack and I didn’t have my studs up.

“All I can do is say it was an action that could have been avoided. With me going to make it 2-0, it hurt the team.”

Torres added: “The next few days after the game at Camp Nou were complicated. It took two days to forget what happened.

“The moments after the red card I think were the worst I have ever had in my career. I just wanted to be alone.”



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