My Thursday Truth: Focus! Thou Shall Not Get Distracted

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Focus is defined as the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

Do you have a clear vision of your life? Are you producing a clear vision of your life? Or, is your vision dusty?

Time to see clearly.


It’s hard to see clearly on many occasions.

Life, Health, Love, Finance, Marriage, Religion, Education and other things can distract one from their sole direction and purpose.

But, only if you let it.

In a marriage, one’s focus shifts from I and Me to Us and We. The marriage can only be said to have direction if both partners have a clear objective or “Focus” on where they are going or what they intend to achieve as a couple.

The minute one partner begins to think of oneself as an individual, the focus as a couple begins to get cloudy. In time, issues, problems, drama and fight can cause the ‘once peaceful’ marriage to get stormy in unfocused vibe.

When acquiring an education – O’level, BSc or Phd – the student’s ability to pay rapt attention is focus. The goal is to acquire knowledge so one can merit good grades and graduate successfully.

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In other for all this to happen, the individual has a clear objective of what they want their end result to be. Any distraction, can alter the set course.

Any unwanted side attractions can change the vision of the student thereby tampering with their end result.

In a relationship, the focus is on being together and getting to know each other.

Relationships only lead to marriage if both partners have the same focus.

If a man leaves a woman, it’s because he has seen his path in life and hers are headed separately and maybe he doesn’t have the time to steer her in his direction or she’s too stubborn to be steered.

This leads the man to go and search for the woman who is headed his direction, elsewhere.

If a woman leaves a man, it’s because she doesn’t like the direction his life is heading and needs to either help him alter course or she walks away if he is too arrogant to see clearly.

Religiously, if you have no focus about what you want from whoever if it you worship; if you don’t have a clear definition of what you want before you pray then you just…. pray…

Your prayer is unfocused so the results you get will be anyhow. You might not even see it made manifest because you didn’t even seek anything specific, you just sought everything.

If you specifically pray for a thing, you’ll know your prayer has been answered when you see it because you already know what you asked for.

In life, the wind of living can blow you in any direction because you have no focus. It can blow you left, it can blow you right. You wouldn’t even know when you have been blown right because you are so unfocused.

Focused people pay attention. They use their sixth sense. They use foresight. They use every tool available to them to achieve their set objective.

Even when things don’t turn out how they expect it to, they do not let setbacks distract them.

They learn form every experience.

They take the lesson from the experience, either in life, marriage or in business – and use it to their benefit. And it always pays off.

Being focused is hard and easy.

It’s hard because anything can make you lose focus. Anything can hinder or hamper your vision.

Once you know and understand this, you begin to consciously avoid anything or anyone that will dull or dirty your view or ability to see clearly.

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No one likes to drive a car with a windscreen that is dirty or dull, that’s why the wiper is there. You clean it so you can see clearly and not lose sight of your direction lest you cause an accident.

That is life.

Finding focus can be easy. If you are on this line, then we are getting somewhere.

Seek your end objective in life. You last purpose, your last wish. Be it financial, emotionally, philanthropical, or professional.

Having done that, begin to think of the easiest and cheapest ways to accomplish your result.

If it’s emotional, begin to have a clear definition of exactly what you need emotionally. Do  the same for your finance or marriage or education. Do it for whatever it you want.

Once you know what you want, begin to sieve out everyone and everything you don’t want.

If you are in a marriage, it’s not about just you anymore so let your partner know what you want to do lest you seem selfish.

If you are in an unfocused relationship; a love affair with no direction, clear your view.

If letting go will give your life purpose and direction, then let go.

If your partner is willing to work/walk in the same direction as you, then give it another try.

But, do not be with anyone who isn’t sharing your dreams, zeal, goals, hopes and vision.

Let Focus be your light. Let your light find its path. Let your path lead you to your purpose. And may your purpose make you whole.


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