Thongs Or Granny Pants? What Do Guys Prefer

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I love thongs… as far as am concerned, that’s the most comfortable and sexiest underwear that has ever existed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not hate the full pants, granny pants or whatever names they are called, I have a pair of two which I wear on certain occasions.

Granny Pants

Bless the day thongs were invented, I don’t get to worry about panty lines selling me out, sweating and having a pair of underwear rubbing me in the most uncomfortable way and the best part is I don’t worry about buying new sets when I change size.


But that doesn’t make it everyone’s choice, If I can recall my EX had a serious issue with accepting this super comfy type of underwear because of his perception that they were meant for ‘certain’ folks.

So today guys, we want to know your preference, Thongs or Granny pants?

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