Teenager Reveals The Devil Instructed Him To Rape And Sacrifice Patients In A Hospital Ward

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Hearing voices in your head? It just might be the devil… or you are a good ol’ psychopath.

Such is the case of this teenage boy who has an obsession with the Yorkshire Ripper and has ‘sacrificed’ two people just as the voices in his head requested.

At age 15, the lad stabbed James Attfield,  – a disabled father of five children – one-hundred-and-two times and also killed a female student, Nahid Almanea, from Saudi Arabia, in two separate attacks which occurred in 2014 in Colchester, Essex.

The teenager, who is now 17, after his arrest last year, is presently claiming he was ‘being controlled by the devil’ when he killed both victims.

After he was charged with both murders, the lad told doctors of the secure hospital where he was transferred to that he wants to rape and strangle patients in the hospital ward.

He said he had been ‘hearing voices on a daily basis’, and wanted to ‘carry out violent acts including raping a female patient’.


Dr Simon Hill, one of the healthcare professionals who flanked the teenager as he sat in the dock during his hearing said the voices had stopped since the boy was put on anti-psychosis drugs.

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Dr Hill said: “He described strong male urges to rape her and he was unable to guarantee her safety. 

He appears agitated, angered and his fists were clenches when I suggested his views on rape were not consistent with his views on prostitutes. 

The voices also told him to strangle a female patient at the hospital. He wasn’t able to guarantee he wouldn’t strangle the girl”.

The budding-psychopath admitted ‘manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility’ but denied murder.

Guildford Crown Court heard the teenager, claimed “voices told him to ‘sacrifice’ Mr Attfield and Miss Almanea for committing sins”.

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Hill said it was ‘highly likely’ the teen was suffering from psychosis at the time of the killings.

Defense attorney, Simon Spence QC, asked Dr Hill: ‘Did he state he was possessed by the devil?’, at which Dr Hill replied: ‘He did. He said that and he said some of his actions were being controlled by the devil”.

Over the past few months, Dr Hill has been in close contact with the boy, who has autism.

His case is still pending.

One might wonder if he’s a budding psychopath or if the devil is really whispering words in his ear as he claims.

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