Teen Girl Faces 40 Year Jail Term After Live Streaming Boyfriend Raping Her Friend

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Marina Lonina and her boyfriend Raymond Gates face forty year jail term each if the court finds them guilty.

Marina, 18, and Gates, 29 are undergoing allegations of live-streaming an inappropriate and non-consensual sexual activity between the latter and the former’s friend.

Reports have it Marina made a live stream video broadcast of Gates raping her 17 year-old friend on Periscope, a video social media app owned by Twitter.

A friend watched it and reported to the police.

teen grirl face
Teen girl live-streams boyfriend raping her friend

Their charges include, “rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor”.

18 year-old Lolina’s additional offences include – “the illegal use of a minor in a nudity-oriented material or performance”.

Lolina’s accusations adds that “she took a photo of the victim naked at her home the night before”.

The Columbus, Ohio, couple say they “categorically deny” all the charges being leveled against them

State prosecutor Ron O’Brien said: “Lonina and the victim had been socializing on the night the alleged assault took place – believed to be two months ago.

If Gates and Lonina are convicted for these charges, they each face a potential sentence in excess of forty years in prison”.

The Periscope video live-streaming app is owned by Twitter for smartphones and hit a 200 million broadcast milestone recently.

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The app has also been linked with other offenses as last year, “a Florida woman was arrested for using the app to live stream herself drunk-driving” and “a murderer had even managed to broadcast footage of himself from a US jail for several days before his phone was confiscated by officers”.

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