TeeBillz Saved From Attempted Suicide At The Ikoyi Bridge

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TeeBillz post this morning seems to have really been a cry of help as he was rescued from committing suicide on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge this afternoon.

Linda Ikeji reports that an eyewitness named Chukwuma Ani, witnessed the incident and was one of the men who pulled Teebillz off the bridge.

According to the eyewitness, TeeBillz ran into his car on the bridge so he went out to confront him. He confronted the driver which he did not know was TeeBillz at then. He challenged TeeBillz and demanded T comes out to check the damage to the car but according to him, TeeBillz responded by telling Mr. Ani to leave him alone and that he was there for a reason.

Not knowing who the guy was or understanding why he was talking suicide, Mr. Ani said he kept insisting that the driver must come down from his car and see the damage he had caused to his car. He noticed alcohol on the floor of the driver’s car so thought the man was drunk. While shouting and berating the driver for hitting his car, the guy just suddenly drove his car with speed to the front.

Ani stated that he got into his own car and gave chase and was surprised to see the driver of the car parking his car in the middle of the bridge as other cars drove past. He parked in front of the driver and approached the man again, telling him that he couldn’t even apologize for hitting his car and was instead trying to drive off. He recalled that as he was berating the man, he (Teebillz) got down from his car and walked to the bridge railing.

While he was still confused and trying to piece everything together, Mr. Ani reported that two cars approached them and the occupants ran out, shouting at TeeBillz. These two were Peter Okoye and Banky W.

“I thought I was watching a movie,” According to Mr. Ani.

“The man held the railing and tried to jump over it and that was when the yellow man held him and started shouting for help. The two of them nearly fell into the water. I quickly joined the yellow man to pull the guy out and while we were struggling with him, one P-Square twin and Banky W joined us to pull the man out,” Ani said

According to Linda Ikeji, a call was made to Peter Okoye to confirm he was there but he refused to say anything. “Even if I was there, I can’t say anything about it” he said.



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  1. Which yellow man?where did the yellow man appear from?this is so fake and indeed a movie.please tell us the title cause I can’t wait to watch it too.

  2. Teebillz has just shown the ultimate form of attention seeking. It’s a mental disorder he is psychologically suffering. It is Tiwa I empathize with because it is she who has suffered the consequence of his mental health issues. He isn’t normal. His mind and way of thinking is warped. He needs therapy. That is just the truth. I’m not a fan of Tiwa Savage, but I understand mental illness and I see the signs in Teebillz. He must have had that mental illness since childhood. I’m actually glad he didn’t try killing Tiwa to seek attention. I hope this opens the eyes of Nigerians to the truth about mental illness. The mentally sick are as equally tormented as their victims, but when it gets out to the Nigerian largely unenlightened world it is the victim who becomes persecuted. Get enlightened. Google mental health and personality disorders


  3. This story is SO SO FAKE Linda or whatever u call yourself. You are a disgrace to journalist. Telling lies about people like that is not fair. God will disgrace u!! Shame!!

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