TECNO: Why The Boom J8 Will Be The Next Big Music Device

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BOOM J8 is the music flagship device of TECNO with excellent music performance. The Boom Player can provide abundant music resources to you, and the Boom Headphone brings you a comfortable and perfect enjoyment of music.

BOOM J8 has perfect sound quality with BOOM MAXX; even the maxx bass is also perfect.

Ultra Slim Stylish Appearance

Boom J8 is a stylish music phone with 7.35mm ultra slim appearance. The little smart device is beyond your imagination for its slim body and the stylish design. Come on, dance with the beats and show how  stylish you are.


tecno boom

The Boom Headphone

TECNO Boom J8 comes with a great boom headphone that’s quite different from other devices. The headphone is elegant and premium looking. You will be able to listen to music with excellent audio output. If you are the type that loves good music, TECNO Boom J8 is your next device.

The feature of Boom headphone is the advanced mega bass experience with the professional sound cavity and a clear acoustic design. And there is more! The headphone covers have leather texture which makes you look fashionable. The tender leather ear cushions stay comfortable no matter how long your playlist is. Go ahead, lose yourself in music and dance along with the beats!

tecno boom headphone

Perfect Mega Bass

BOOM J8 has a deep bass and full range sound for a superior audio experience. The exquisite speakers and the headphone with BOOM MAXX, all of them combine together, to give you an excellent experience of mega bass. The superior audio experience is available for both listening and making phone calls. There’s more, full range frequency response for rich bass which makes you feel the perfect mega bass. Let’s dance with the rhythms! TECNO Boom J8 is the best music phone for everyone.


tecno boom 360nobs

The Boom Player

Boom Player is a free digital content (Music & Video) application that allows music lovers to access a huge catalogue of music and videos from African and International artists. The contents are available for streaming and download.

Charming Breathing Light

There is a pulsating, when activated the Lights dance with music! There are beating lights in Boom J8. When you are listening to music, you can also see the flashing lights jumping. Not only you enjoy music, the breathing lights also love music! It’s the DJ’s favourite device .Say hello to the Boom J8


Maxx Audio is a suite of advanced audio enhancement tools from Waves that brings award-winning technologies to consumer electronics devices. Maxx Audio offers unparalleled sound performance, whether you’re playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, or using online voice communication. With clearer highs, enhanced bass, and increased volume, Maxx Audio provides a better listening experience on any device. Now, what sounded great in the studio will sound great on your device.


tecno boom boom maxx

3000mAh Battery Life

The battery capacity of this little device is 3000mAh. Holding on Boom J8 and you can stop worrying about the low battery when you are outside. The usage time of it can last for a whole day! So you can enjoy the fun of listening to music, watching movies and capturing wonderful world.



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  1. This is definitely a phone worth having. The headset sets it apart from its peers. Their Tecno forum really proved helpful in getting the full phone specs.

  2. they actually put in effort in designing this phone, and those headsets…music lovers like me need to check it out.

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