T.I Shuts Down Allegations That He Demanded $40K To Attend A Child’s Burial

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Every fan of T.I has been taken aback following allegations that the ‘Mediocre’ singer demanded forty-thousand grand from a family who lost their little son before he could appear for the slain child’s funeral.

T.I refused to condone any media house publishing such damaging stories about him so he made a move to shut the false accusation down immediately.

Posting on his Instagram, Tuesday, T.I wrote starting with the hashtag #lies and ending with #knockitoff.

T.I clamps down on fase allegations that he demanded money to attend a child’s burial

T.I wrote:

#LIES ain’t nobody contacted me for no such thing. Let alone me charge someone to attend a funeral. What people should do is be aware of who they’re contacting & not believe every Tom Dick & Hank who says they’re connected. BUT I’d appreciate it if y’all could quit wit da ?…. I been in dis game too long… Check my resume’ I’ve payed for funerals & sent kids to college… Charging 40k to attend a funeral ain’t even in my repertoire…. #KnockItOFF

Many people have called out the site that published the story, saying that they are unprofessional for not fact-checking first before publishing an article that can ruin his image.

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A source commented: “What’s sad is this is a child in my community and for life of me I can’t even figure out why they would be worried about a celebrity attending his funeral. It’s not about you it’s about this little boy who lost his life tragically. This isn’t a show. It’s just sad that the first thing they thought of was trying to have a celebrity at his funeral. You don’t owe anybody anything and your not obligated to do a thing. I wouldn’t even pay it attention!”.

T.I 2
T.I seemingly has a clean slate as the story was too hard for his fans to believe

T.I seems to have a clean slate so far as no one really believed the story to begin with and with T.I coming out to clear his name, the rapper shut down futuristic trash talk and unworthy speculations.

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One of T.I’s fans said: “If u really know him u would know Tip isn’t cut like that, all this negative energy about nothing. Tip have millions an billions of dollars paying for anyone funeral wouldn’t be nothing. If my folks said they didn’t ask, they didn’t ask, what he supposed too volunteer coins”.

T.I is major image goals

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More stars should be like T.I where your fans don’t believe every bad thing they read about you; rather, they’ll give you a chance to prove you are still the star they love.

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