Snapchat Sued Over Speed Filter After Accident

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Snapchat Sued Over Speed Filter – Snapchat is being sued after the use of one of its filters led to a very bad auto accident.

Snapchat Sued Over Speed Filter
Snapchat Sued Over Speed Filter

An 18-year girl named Christal McGee was driving with some co-workers when she had brought out her phone and tried to record her speed. The photo-sharing service has a filter that allows users to record their speeds as they move.

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McGee was moving at a reported 107 mph when she hit another car, belonging Uber driver Wentworth Maynard. According to Maynard’s lawyers, he suffered extensive brain damage and can no longer work. He had to spend 5 weeks in intensive care, and now needs assistance to work.

Maynard’s lawyers have filed a negligence lawsuit against McGee, and are now also suing Snapchat over the filter. According to the lawyers, Snapchat knows people drive particularly fast because of the filter, and have not made any attempt to remove it.

The lawyers want both McGee and Snapchat to pay for Maynard’s medical bills, as well as his lifelong medical care.



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