Smart Kid! Erykah Badu And Andre 3000’s Son Aces All College Applications

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Seven Sirius Benjamin, the baby boy Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 birthed 17 years-ago has made his parents proud by getting accepted into all the four colleges he applied to. Smart kid.

The announcement which Erykah Badu shared via her twitter also followed a throw-back photo of Seven as a baby, her and his father, Andre.

She tweeted: “Our son Seven got his 4 college choice acceptance letters. Makes parents feel good. Dream worked”.

The proud mother also shared her ex-husband’s effort in ensuring Seven got the best parental guide possible. Erykah tweeted about hubby, Andre 3000 travelling miles back and forth between Dallas and Atlanta to take care of his son.

She added that when Seven was in high school, Andre moved to Dallas permanently for him.

Seven has definitely made Erykah and Andre very proud parents.


Families that stay together, even after divorce or separation, slay together.

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