Shirt Dresses & How They Have Subtly Become A Trend For Every Stylish Woman

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The way at which fashion trends keep evolving is super amazing seeing as our shirts which used to be regular button-downs have grown into longer versions which we now call “Shirt dresses”.

Whether they’re oversized T-shirt styles or something more tailored, shirt dresses are pretty much becoming an all-time favorite and a true closet keeper.

Paired with fancy sneakers, sandals or heels, a perfect shirt dress styled properly can take you anywhere- from work, to brunch and cocktails.

It has since found it’s way into the closet of every taste-maker and has subtly become a trend for every stylish lady these days.

Check out some of our favorite celebrities and fashion enthusiasts rocking theirs below;


shirt dress kylie

shirt dress2

shirt dress glamour

shirt dress rihanna
shirt dress latasha


shirt dress13

shirt dress7

shirt dress8

shirt dress toke


shirt dress6

shirt dress4

shirt dress5

shirt dress mercy
shirt dress10






Juliet Gbemudu

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