Sex Appeal: 12 Ways To Become A ‘Babe’ Magnet

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Tune up your sex appeal today and become a babe magnet.

Enough of the redundant guesswork of “what ifs” that accompany the concept of ‘how to be a sexy man’, ‘how to have sex appeal’ or in easy terms how to be a “babe magnet”.

Science… and women reveal certain prime tips – some will take you aback – on what really defines a man with sex appeal.

Who said being clean shaved is attractive? Go animalistic. Sport some clean stubble.

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Love food! A woman finds sexy a man who eats well; as she was told “the way to a man’s heart is his stomach”. 



Love cooking! A man who cooks is yummy. A woman finds a man moving around “her” territory and taking charge super sexy.


Laugh a lot! Every woman loves a man with a sense of humor, shows there’s still an adorable child in him. Makes her want to jump on you. 



Play! Morning-after sex goofiness makes her feel less awkward and you super sexy.



Dance! The ability to move rhythmically when the speakers begin to blast endears a man to a woman.



Be trendy! Know what’s evolving around you; women find ignorance repulsive.



Have carriage! Having a beautiful bod is not the “prime” quality of a sexy man, the ability to flex your body, banging or not is what makes the man sexy. 



Be a homebody! Women love a man who is comfortable in anything and bears zero insecurities.



So fresh and so clean! A man who always looks clean regardless of what he wears is the MVP of sexy. Makes her want to lick you up!


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Dirty talk is sexy, those words send shivers down a woman’s skin, every time.



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