Russian Wife Murders Husband And Feeds Him To Her Bull Terrier

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Svetlana Batukova, has been arrested by the Russian police for murdering her husband and feeding his remains to her pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The police in Majorca said the 46 year-old will be appearing in court over ‘Hans Henkels’ murder’.

Her husband, Hans, was attacked at their home in Cala Millor which is an east coast resort on the serene holiday island.


66 year-old Hans reportedly bled to death after being stabbed in the assault.

Authorities said, ‘His arms had been cut down to the bone and Batukova’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier fed strips of his flesh’.

They also confirm Han’s wife, Batukova, as a ‘self-confessed cocaine addict’.


Batukova didn’t call the police immediately after the attack, waiting several hours to confirm Han’s death before placing the call.

The day before her court appearance, the Russian woman was at the psychiatric unit of a hospital after she had suffered a ‘suspected psychotic episode’ which was presumed to be an after-effect of ‘a drink and drugs binge’.

Hans earlier had surgery on his windpipe and was ‘unable to speak’.


Investigators in the case opine he may ‘have been drugged before his death before as there were no signs he had defended himself’.

The couple had been living together for about two years and had recently gotten married in January.

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The cocaine-addicted woman – originally from Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city – had a cat and a bull terrier which she regularly posted images of on her social media.


Hans and Batukova regularly had fights which caused the police to visit their home often; prior to the murder last week.

According to their neighbors, ‘the Russian woman had recently offered a man she met in a bar €50,000 to kill her husband’.

While waiting for the ongoing judicial probe into Batukova’s murder charge, she has been remanded in custody.


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