Rock To Work: Hairstyles For Work

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Rock to work today is focusing on hair, and we are showing different hairstyles that are perfect for work.

Office hairdo really depends on where you work and your duties. Certain companies don’t accept color in your hair or even dreads. But we have run down some that can go with the most cooperate environment.


If you are a rocking your natural hair at the moment, there is no reason why you shouldn’t rock it to work. It only needs to be well styled and stick to one color.




Braids are the go to style for the African woman. The best part about braids are the various ways you can style them and how long they last for.


Short Hair 

You can’t go wrong with a pixie cut or bob for work. Gives you a prim look and it’s easier to maintain especially for a busy lady.



Curly, straight or wavy weaves are very good for a working environment. The weaves shouldn’t be too long and should be one color for a more professional look.


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