Rihanna Doesn’t Think JayZ Cheated On Beyonce

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One of JayZ’s ‘Beckys’ has cleared the air on Lemonade in an exclusive with HollywoodLife.

Rihanna, who is assumed to be one of the “‘Beckys’ with the good hair” Beyonce was referring to in her visual album, Lemonade, has spoken via a rep that she believes JayZ has been nothing but loyal to Beyonce and is just being whipped by the media for a crime he didn’t commit.

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RiRi’s rep said: “Rihanna loves Beyonce and respects her as a woman, friend and an artist. The same goes for Jay. He’s been nothing but loyal to Rihanna over the years and a true gentleman and she thinks the fans are giving him a raw deal over Lemonade.”

Ri loves that man to pieces and doesn’t believe he has it in him to cheat. He’s a family man, who loves his wife and that beautiful girl of his. Like everybody else, Rihanna’s an outsider looking in. And from her vantage point, she’d love a man like Jay Z in her life. He’s the boss of all bosses; mature, educated and very suave. She places him on a pedestal and believes he’s committed to Bey”.


The three – Rihanna, Beyonce and JayZ – have been friends for a long time, although their relationship came to a halt after allegations emerged concerning Hova’s relationship with the Work singer.

The rep also stated that Rihanna’s loyalty was undisputed for the Carter couple as she wished they’d sort their issues and move on, together.

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Since the debut of Lemonade on HBO special, Saturday, the world wide web has been trying to get the true identity of who exactly Becky is and three names ie Rihanna, Rita Ora and Rachel Roy, have been constantly linked with the title which humorously, many suggest was just a form of ‘creative expression’ on Beyonce’s part.

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Still, JayZ has never corrected the cheating accusations in the past and must therefore lie on the bed he made himself, presently.

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With Rihanna coming to declare JayZ a loyal husband, maybe the heat on his image as a philanderer will sate a bit.

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