Revenge: FBI Won’t Tell Apple How It Bypassed Security

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FBI Won’t Tell Apple How It Bypassed Security – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has decided not to share with Apple how it bypassed its phone encryption.

FBI Won't Tell Apple How It Bypassed Security
FBI Won’t Tell Apple How It Bypassed Security

Apple devices automatically wipe out all the data on a phone after 10 wrong password attempts, and the FBI had requested Apple’s help in bypassing this problem so as to access evidence for a case.

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Apple had refused to help leading to a lawsuit, and finally the FBI dropped the case, seeking outside help. The FBI paid an unnamed group the sum of $1.3 million for the service, and have now refused to disclose the procedure.

“The F.B.I. purchased the method from an outside party so that we could unlock the San Bernardino device,” Amy S. Hess, FBI executive assistant director for science and technology, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We did not, however, purchase the rights to technical details about how the method functions, or the nature and extent of any vulnerability upon which the method may rely in order to operate. As a result, currently we do not have enough technical information about any vulnerability that would permit any meaningful review” by the White House examiners, she said.



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