Reclusive Enya Tops Adele’s £85m As The Richest Singer In Britain With £91m

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Enya had her last hit 20 years-ago but still beat Adele’s last year earnings.

Enya is known as a spiritual performer as her songs are hypnotic and can make even the strongest hearts melt in tears.

Though the reclusive singer who is known for her ‘extremely private’ life scored her last top ten hit twenty years ago, she is solidly still the wealthiest woman in British and Irish music with a fortune of £91m, OfficialCharts revealed.

Enya beats Adele to the rich list at number 28
Enya beats Adele to the rich list at number 28

Adele is named the richest music act under 30 with an estimated fortune of £85m. She also tops the Young Music Rich List for the fifth year running, as her fortune was boosted by the release of her third album 25, last November, from £35million in the past 12 months to £85m.

On the ‘Music Millionaires of Britain and Ireland Top 50 list’, 27 year-old Adele is on number 30 while 54-year-old Enya placed two paces ahead at number 28.

enya 2
Adele is the richest act under 30

Although Enya had an increase of merely £1m last year, she still sits comfortably at the top in the annual rich list rankings compiled by The Sunday Times.

Supermodel Iman Abdulmajid and her filmmaker stepson Duncan Jones are between Enya and Adele at number 29 on the list. The bulk of their £90m fortune was inherited after late David Bowie left half his networth for both of them and his daughter.

Iman and her stepson placed at number 29

Paul McCartney took the prime number 1 spot, again, as he is named the richest music star in Britain and Ireland.

McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell top The Sunday Times 2016 Music Millionaires Rich List for another year running. The couple pulled an estimated combined wealth of £760 million. Their wealth rose to a cool £30 million last year.

Paul McCartney placed at number 1

Music composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber is the second richest with £715m. His wealth went up £65m from last year.

Third richest on the list is U2 with a whooping £500m.

Elton John  is the fourth richest with an estimated wealth of  £280m. Sir Elton increased his wealth by £10m last year.

Mick Jagger who is the fifth richest is the richest member of theRolling Stones (£235m). The combined wealth as a band tallied a massive £630m.

The Top 10 music fortunes on Sunday Times Rich List

1. (1) Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell – £760m (+£30m)

2. (2) Lord Lloyd-Webber – £715m (+£65m)

3. (3) U2 – £500m (+£69m)

4. (4) Sir Elton John –  £280m (+£10m)

5. (5) Sir Mick Jagger – £235m (+£10m)

6. (New) Olivia and Dhani Harrison – £220m (+£20m)

6. (6) Keith Richards – £220m (+£10m)

8.  (8) Ringo Starr – £200m (+£20m)

9. (7) Michael Flatley – £198m (+3m)

10. (8) Sting – £185m (+£5m)

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