‘Prove To The World How We Killed Fulani Herdsmen’ – IPOB Challenges DSS

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has on Monday, dismissed the allegations by the Department of State Services (DSS) that they murdered and buried five ‘’Hausa-Fulani” in Abia state, adding that it has given the country’s spy agency a seven-day ultimatum to apologise for the false accusation.

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This is just as the secessionist group, challenged the APC Federal Government and their DSS to prove to the world with the evidences how they killed five Fulani herdsmen and dumped their bodies in shallow graves.

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In the message, which was conveyed in a statement issued after the meeting in Nnewi by the IPOB spokesman, Mr. Emma Powerful, the group questioned why the APC led Federal Government was worried when the cattle rustlers were killed but never reacted when same herdsmen brutally killed and ransacked villages in Benue and Enugu states.

The statement reads, “DSS allegation was fabricated and aimed at painting the non violent IPOB as if it is a violent group, we are not surprised that DSS will come with such allegations, having been exposed in all their attempt to kill our leader by our intelligence arm which has always foiled all their attempts by raising the alarm before they carry out their dastardly acts.

“We challenge the APC Federal Government and their DSS to prove to the world with the evidences how IPOB killed Fulani herdsmen in Abia state by showing the video clips of how they were killed and where the shallow grave they were buried is located within 7days, or they should tender unreserved apology to IPOB, otherwise we will tell the world with evidence how the DSS and APC Federal Government wants to use fabricated lies to cause ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo.

“The world has known IPOB as a peaceful group and no amount of campaign of calumny by the APC led Federal Government and DSS will dent our records of non violent agitations.

“DSS can go about fabricating lies in order to influence the outcome of our leader’s trial in the upcoming appeal court hearing, Nigerian government is responsible for all the killings of our people, raping our women and girls through their Fulani herdsmen and also the alleged killing of Fulani herdsmen in Abia state.”

“IPOB totally reject this amateurish smear campaign by Federal Government secret police called DSS. If APC government thinks that this is the way they can escape justice at The Hague, when their leaders will be tried for genocide against Biafra agitators, they are clearly making a big mistake and mockery of their directionless government.

“We are also wondering why they are reacting APC government is worried about the alleged killing of Fulani herdsmen in Abia state when they did not show similar worry women and girls were raped and killed in Enugu State, while their husbands and relations who went to search for their corpses and rescue raped victims were arrested and detained for weeks before they were granted bail by the court.

“We think that APC should leaders and those who are directing their directionless government should burry their face in shame for encouraging discrimination in Nigeria, treating people in one country they their claim to be one unequally, showing concern to issues affecting one group of people and non concern to the other groups they feel are less Nigeria, shame to government that promised heaven on earth to Nigerians, yet they cannot keep to a single out of many promises to the people.”



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