Prostitute Pays Lover To Shoot Fiance Ten Times In The Head

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Former Prostitute Paid Secret Lover To Shoot Abusive Fiance Who Used To Hit Her

An ex-prostitute, Melissa Leigh Shaw, 30, convinced her lover – Adam Gooley – she needed his help to end her fiance’s life as he was violent to her.

Her fiance, Shyam Sam Dhody, was found dead in his home with ten gunshot wounds to the head from the hand of his fiancee.

Shyam Dhody

Lawyers are calling the woman ‘Helen of Troy’ and ‘the hand behind the murder’ even if she didn’t pull the gun.

Shaw’s trial began on Tuesday as she appeared in the Brisbane Supreme court where she pleaded ‘not guilty to the murder and attempted murder of Shyam Sam Dhody’ . 

Crown prosecutor, Dennis Kinsella told the jury in his opening address that ‘the 30 year-old helped an on-again, off-again lover kill the bankrupt Gold Coast businessman’.

Shaw who was engaged to Dhody said her relationship with the businessman went sour in March 2013.

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Their relationship began at a Molendinar brothel where the former sex-worker met her late fiance.

Mr Kinsella compared the prostitute to Helen of Troy by asserting ‘she was the face that launched the murder’.

The prosecutor said ‘her relationship with Mr Dhody was domestically violent and approaching an inevitable end in the period leading up to his death in July 2013’.

Court heard the business-mogul died following ‘ten gunshot wounds to the head area at close range in his bed at their Gold Cast home’.

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Kinsella said Dhody’s murder proceeded an earlier incident which occurred few months ago.

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Dhody was earlier attacked by an unknown assailant and was hit repeatedly with a crowbar in an attempt to kill him; but Mr Dhody survived, due in part, to a woman witnessing the attack.

The court alleged Adam Gooley, Shaw’s lover, was the assailant in both incidences.

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Kinsella stated that the prosecutions criminal case argued that ‘the former prostitute had encouraged, facilitated and assisted in the brutal attacks, effectively getting someone else to do the job’.

The trial is still ongoing.

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