Ugandan Professor Strips Completely On Campus In Protest

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A controversial Ugandan professor, Dr. Stella Nyanzi of University of Makerere, stripped completely naked to protest a decision by Makerere Institute of Social Research to vacate her from the office to make space for a new program.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi is famous for threats and antics she pulled during Uganda’s general election. She wrote on Facebook, saying,

“Mahmood Mamdani locked me out of my office, even after the Deputy Vice Chancellor refused him to continue with evicting me. I have found his ugly padlock barring my access to my office. This is the third day”

She then threatened to strip naked in three hours if her office was still under lock. She eventually made good on the threat and posted a video of her nude protest. She also took nude nude photos and posted them along with verbal threats.

nude protest

This led Facebook to shut down her account, but it was later reinstated. She also won on the protest front as her office was later made available to her.

Unfortunately, the Ugandan Minister of Ethics and Integrity said that Dr. Nyanzi will be imprisoned for the immorality and porn she displayed on social media.



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