Priest Viciously Attacks Helpless Man In Road Rage Altercation

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A “Russian Orthodox priest” attacks a young man after a road rage incident.

The priest named Alexander Cherneykin brutally attacks a young man after an altercation which occurred for unknown reasons.

Russian police in the city of Novosibirsk say investigations are underway after a video depicting the brutal attack appears online.

The Russian Gazeta confirms, “the man wearing religious clothing is Alexander Cherneykin’ – a former priest who was defrocked in May 2015 for so-called “commercial activities”.

The video opens with the plus-size “priest” and another similar bulky man looming over their victim, pressing him forcefully against a low fence.


The Russian priest, Cherneykin is seen raining blows on the back of the victims head repeatedly, whereas the second man – speculated to be Cherneykin’s brother – pins the man’s arms to prevent him from escaping the punches.

The priest is seen violently barking at his helpless victim as he moves to grab the back of the young man’s neck, he reaches around and begins to hit him multiple times across his face.

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While into the assault, they notice someone making a video recording of the attack, rather than discontinue, they proceed undeterring, raining more vicious blows and insults on the young man.

Russia’s Gazeta website declares, Cherneykin’s priestly name as Theodosius.


While serving as a priest, Cherneykin’s dispelled a fearsome reputation until the church decided on suspending him for ‘secretly selling jewelry’.

Gazeta reports there are various versions to the altercation as no one can deduce what started the vicious attack.

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What could have made a priest viciously attack a man so uncaringly?

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