Pretty Woman Star, Julia Roberts, Sells Sex Toys On TV

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Ellen Degeneres is quite popular for her tricks and Julia Roberts wasn’t prepared when she visited The Ellen Show while promoting her new movie, Mother’s Day.

During a game of ‘Pitch, Please’, Roberts was pranked into selling sex toys.

Because her character in the Mother’s Day movie was a talk-show host, Ellen decided to have Roberts display her salesman skills by convincing the audience to buy the products.

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Unknown to the Pretty Woman star, the audience knew she was selling sex toys even though she didn’t. And she gave it her best sales move.

The sex toys were a blindfold, furry handcuffs and a whip.

Roberts advertised, “I think everyone should have one of these. It is versatile. It is hypoallergenic. It comes in a variety of sizes, and Mother’s Day is around the corner.”

At which Ellen teased, “And you have this, obviously?.”

An oblivious Roberts responded, “Oh, I don’t want to brag but I have a couple…well, 7.”

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Finally, Ellen revealed what was in the mystery box Roberts was selling and the star was a mixture of shock, shame, humor and laughter, as she screamed, “Oh my God!”


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