Penis Envy: Chris Hemsworth’s 4 Year-Old Daughter Wants To Have A Penis

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chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth in his recent interview with Ellen Degeneres talks about his new movie which co-stars Charlize Theron and Emily Bunt.

Ellen DeGeneres

When the conversation shifts to his family, particularly his four year-old daughter India, he talks about her “wanting a penis”.

Chris – “My daughter is kind of envious of the boys at the moment. She came to me the other day and she was like, ‘Ya know, Papa, I want one of those things Sasha and Tristan have.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ She was like, ‘Ya know, the things in between the legs that you have.”

I ❤️ @ChrisHemsworth. What more can I say?!

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He continues – “I was like ‘oh, uhm, well you see girls uhm, yeah, well you see uhm – in my brain I was thinking how do we handle this – girls have breasts’ and she says ‘I don’t want breasts’, I was like uhm okay, she said ‘I really want one’ and I am like a penis, and she’s like “I want a penis’ and I’m like ‘she’s four you know, you can be whatever you want to be’ and she was like’ thanks dad’ and ran off to the playground”.

What will you tell your daughter/son if they come to you with a similar revelation, honestly, as a Nigerian or rather, an African?


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