Nothing Like Women Solidarity! Toni Payne Urges Every Star Linda Ikeji Has Defamed To Sue Her

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Wizkid and Linda Ikeji have carried their fight into its fourth week. Seems, this is the year of the ‘WiLy’.

What began as gossip for traffic on her site has turned into a police case as Linda Ikeji reported Wizkid to the Nigeria police authorities for saying he would ask his little cousin to beat up the blogger whenever he sees her.

The police commissioner summoned the ‘Surulere’ crooner and he didn’t appear, according to reports.

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji has been called a hypocrite by Toni Payne, ex-wife of 9ice.

Linda Ikeji explained why she reported the singer as she suddenly seems to be an advocate for women affairs. She says:

I filed a police report is to encourage other women in similar situations to do same. My dear ladies, if a man threatens to puts hands on you, and you feel the threat is real, report to the authorities. Don’t wait until he does it. What if you don’t survive it? If he’s picked up and may be charged to court (yes, you can be charged to court for making threats…it’s a misdemeanor with a prison sentence), then he will think twice before making threats against you in the future or any other woman for that matter. 

I went as far as I did for me and for other women. This is to pass a strong message to our young men that these kinds of behavior towards women will not be tolerated. Should not be tolerated. If you assault or even threaten to assault a woman, the law will come after you if she chooses not to be silent. Women, don’t be silent. Let’s break the circle. For your sake, for my sake, for the sake of our daughters, grand daughters, great grand daughters and all other women that will follow them”.

While her speech has been applauded by many, there are those who can smell the hypocrisy through her words.

Linda is a popular gossip and she proudly admits to it. She is one of those bloggers who peddles gossip without caring much who she hurts.

If it’s a story abut a celebrity, right or wrong, Linda is known to use headlines and a point of view that her throng of readers will love. From history, it is usually always a half truth and a defamation of the subject. Some celebrities battle her out while some just ignore.

Well, some of those ignoring are tired of keeping mute as Toni Payne, 9ice‘s ex-wife, has come after Linda in words and actions.

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linda 360nobs
Toni Payne

Toni Payne has called on every celebrity Miss Ikeji has ever written an uninformed story about to sue her since she claims ‘So, we folks with some measure of influence should be more careful with our utterances. People are watching and listening!’. 

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, if Linda Ikeji can sue Wizkid because he verbally threatened her, then all the stars whose name she has made wealth off – Tonto Dikeh Churchill, Toke Makinwa, Lola Omotayo, Seun Kuti who she said denied his children and so many more should all come out en masse and sue her after all ‘she has a measure of influence too’.

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