Mother Wants To Name Her Child “CYANIDE” Because ‘It’s The Poison That Killed Hitler’

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If she was Nigerian she might as well choose “Ötapiapia”.

A mother who can’t be named for legal reasons, and rightly so, has been issued a landmark ruling by judges which stops her from naming her new born daughter “Cyanide” after she was reported by social workers on her choice of baby name.

When asked the reason for choosing the name, the mother-of-five says she chose the name ‘because it was the poison that killed Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels’.

The woman who gave birth to twins chose ‘Preacher’ for the tot’s twin brother, said ‘Cyanide’ for her twin daughter is a pretty name and has positive meaning.

The mother said: “‘Preacher’ was a ‘rather cool name’ which sent a ‘strong spiritual’ message and which would ‘stand my son well for the future’.

Cyanide, was linked with flowers and plants and was ‘responsible for killing Hitler and Goebbels and I consider that this was a good thing”.

Adolf Hitler

The woman who has been called deluded by many insists she has the ‘human right to name her own children’.

Lady Justice King said the mother has a ‘chaotic history of mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and relationships with abusive men’.

Apparently, the twins were ‘conceived as a result of rape’ and they, as well as the mother’s three older children, had all been taken from her care and placed with foster parents.

Lady King is adamant that ‘Preacher’ is an unusual name but isn’t as bad ‘Cyanide’, ruling that in the interest of both twins their half-siblings should choose their names.

Lady Justice King

She said: “This is one of those rare cases where the court should intervene to protect the girl twin from emotional harm that I am satisfied she would suffer if called ‘Cyanide’. 

While growing up, the girl would anyway ‘have to come to terms with the fact’ with the fact that her mother had tried to ‘name her after a notorious poison”.

Although the deluded mother’s lawyers are appealing the ruling, saying that ‘the refusal to let her name her own children violated her right to respect for family life’; Lady Justice King, sitting with Lady Justice Gloster and Lord Justice David Richards, said that ‘naming a little girl after a ‘notorious poison’ was simply unacceptable’.

Lady Justice King reiterates that the ‘courts would intervene to prevent a parent naming a child ‘in only the most extreme cases’.

The twins, who are eight months’ old now still haven’t been named and are called ‘Harrie’ and ‘Annie’ or any other name of endearment that pops into their head – or mouth.

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The twins are yet to have a registered name.

Cyanide, Really?!

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